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prologicOsso, spaceone I have a full diff here of a working version00:02
prologic(except the version management)00:02
prologicstill have to do that00:02
prologicbut so far so good00:02
prologicI just tried to create a test package that sits in circuits.core00:02
prologic>>> from circuits.core.test import test00:02
prologicUsing circuits-dev serial00:02
prologic>>> test()00:02
prologicyay/nay? :)00:05
prologicin theory nothing would change for you per say00:06
OssoI acknowledge I understand I am thinking00:06
prologicor me for that matter00:06
prologicahh :)00:06
prologicI took what you originally said into consideration00:06
prologicand I think we can acehieve nemsapce packaging00:06
prologicwithout too much effort on our part00:06
Ossook that makes for circuits.twisted00:06
prologicit might just take more effort on my part00:06
prologicto make the whole publishing and version management tools00:07
prologicwhich I'm confident with00:07
prologiccircuits.twisted, and
prologicthose will become completely separate with their own repos and published as separate packages00:07
Ossohowever who doesn't need ?00:07
prologicbut circuits will remain as it is00:07
prologicno that's what I mean00:07
prologicthe rest will stay the same00:08
prologicso pip install circuits00:08
prologicwill install circuits00:08
prologicand everything it currently contains00:08
Ossoand circuits.web ?00:08
prologicbut they will all be namespaces packages as such00:08
prologiceven circuits.web00:08
prologicdoing this though makes it easier to extend the circutis namespace and framework00:08
prologice.g: we might soon see a00:08
prologicand circuits.gtk, circuits.cocos2d00:09
prologicnot really very possibly in a nice way without namespace packages00:09
prologicso in summary (just to clear things up):00:09
prologica) circuits,, circuits.core,,, circuits.node, circuits.protocols, and circuits.web will becomes namespaces00:10
prologicb) circuits's version will be compirsed of all versions summed up by all sub-packages we maintain in circuits and the namespaces/packages above00:11
prologicc), will move out into their own separate repos and packages as they depend on external dependices00:11
prologicd) optionally we will publish circuits (as a whole) and circuits.core,,,, circuits.node, circuits.protocols, and circuits.web00:12
prologicso that one would (in theory do):00:12
prologicpip installl circuits.core circuits.io00:12
prologicpip install circuits (everything)00:12
prologicand e) I'll extend the fabric tasks to take care of all this automagically00:12
prologicall it would take is:00:12
prologicfab release00:12
prologicthat's my current idea nayway00:14
prologicnot set in stone yet obviously00:14
prologicactually re the version stuff00:19
prologicI think the version of circuits should just be te version of circuits.core itself00:19
prologicand everything else gets it's own separate version00:19
prologicbut we'd initially release them as 3.0.0 to match current versin00:20
prologicThis is the diff so far against current tip of circuits-dev00:45
Ossoit would make sense to me to split some of the modules00:47
Ossobut keeping and circuits.core with the same version number00:47
Ossoin the same package00:47
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prologicOsso, *nods* agreed04:28
prologicshould we just make the versions of all sub-acpagkes in the circuits repo the same?04:29
prologicso that essentially04:29 (as a separate installable package) is also 3.0.004:29
prologicthe same as circuits (if installed as pip install circuits)04:30
prologicso that when we do releases of circuits the following packages get pushed to pypi04:30
prologicbut all with the version of "circuits"04:30
prologicthen anything else we maintain separately:04:30
prologic(only ones so far)04:30
prologicthey get their own separate version(s)04:31
prologicand their own unit tests04:31
prologicand treated like separate projects04:31
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spaceoneprologic: what is circuits.twisted?09:02
spaceoneprologic: circuitsreactor replaces the twisted reactor?09:14
prologicit is a full (afaik) twisted reactor09:16
prologicbut built on top of circuits09:16
prologicwhich means09:16
prologicany twisted app can run on top of circuits09:16
prologicand twisted protocols can be used on top of circuits09:16
prologictested with many twisted examples09:16
prologicbefore circuits 3.0 comes out09:17
prologicthis will be throughly unit tested09:17
prologicbut it will be separate ofc09:17
prologiccircuits.twisted 1.009:17
spaceoneprologic: ok, nice! i runned the example and it contained the debugger09:17
spaceonecan i disable that09:17
spaceonevery nice!09:21
spaceoneprologic: hmm, i tried to strace the running process but get a "Operation not permitted"09:23
prologichmm dunn about that :)09:26
prologicbut yeah so far the integration is really nice09:27
prologicit was not hard to write either09:27
prologicfeel free to contribute any improvements or bug fixes09:27
spaceoneprologic: did the helloweb example worked for you (i get no response)09:41
prologicdidn't try that one tbh10:04
prologictried most of the server/client examples10:04
prologicand they all worked10:04
prologicand a few protocls10:04
prologiceven the ssh server example10:04
prologicalso q10:04
prologicwhy circuits and have the same version10:04
prologicfor example10:04
prologicwhy would we not have different versions ffor other packages10:04
prologiccircuits/circuits.core == 3.0.010:05 == 1.0.010:05
prologicthe core may almost never cahgne from here on10:05
prologicbut other components/libraires/packages should10:05
spaceoneyou cannot see anymore what is compatible with each other10:13
prologicI disagree10:49
prologicyou can10:49
prologicby the install_requires10:49
prologicand specific version requirements10:49
prologice.g:10:49 could specify10:49
prologicso that point is moot :)10:49
prologicOsso, thoughts?11:23
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Ossoprologic: I think it is overly complicated just to not install a few .py files15:41
Ossoyou will have 6 different versions with as many possibilities of installing incompatible packages15:44
Ossonobody will be interested in installing without having circuits.core15:44
Ossoso some stuff makes sense split like circuits.twisted15:45
Ossobut should not have a version number15:46
Ossoit really is part of the core15:46
Ossocircuits.twisted can have different version numbers15:46
Ossocause it's a different development cycle so versions won't match at all :)15:47
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prologicOsso, I think I agree with you there20:24
prologicit's a difficult line to draw though20:24
prologicbut it sort of sounds like things like20:25
prologiccircuits.twisted,, and circuits.notify should be separated out20:25
prologicbut everything else remain the same20:25
OssoleilI agree with those20:25
prologicso question is (which I don't think is muchw work on thr elease side of rthings)20:26
prologicshould we publish separate packages for each part of circuits anyway?20:26
prologicbut the version is the same as circuits itself20:26
prologicwith minimal description20:26
prologice.g: circuits.io20:26
prologicI/O components for circuits20:27
OssoleilI am against splitting circuits.io20:29
Ossoleilcause it's part of the core20:30
Ossoleilas in you can't do much without it20:31
qwebirc55104prologic, thanks for the generate_events hint for gui event loop i will look into it. Now is holiday and i will have some spare time to dive into python/scipy/circuits/(zeromq :b )/...20:34
prologicI only mean splitting out serial and notify22:36
prologicas they both depend on external deps22:36
prologicmuch like circuits.twisted22:36

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