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prologicOssoleil, yay/nay on serial/notify being split out?03:56
prologic(they are uesless without you installing pyserial and pyinotify)03:56
prologici.e: pip install circuits03:56
prologicwill not make or work03:56
prologicyou have to (in addition)03:56
prologicpip install pyserial03:56
prologicpip install pyinotify03:56
prologicand pyinotify is only availble on LInux platforms03:56
prologicno Windows or UNIX/OS-X03:57
prologicso I think they should be serapte packages ihmo03:57
Ossoleilme too03:57
prologicbut itself will stay03:57
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litzomaticHey, I looked into the multiprocess server and multiple workers a bit, seems daemon processes cannot have sub processes.20:56
litzomaticBut, then I thought what's the point of having multiple event loops and multiple worker pools.20:56
litzomaticThe event loop should never be blocked for more then 1ms right? I might make sense for a static server to have multiple event loops because it never uses a worker process.  But if the heavy lifting is really done in worker processes 1 event loop + worker processes is good enough.20:59
litzomatic*It might*20:59
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prologiclitzomatic, multiple event loops in a single process?22:51
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