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prologiceriknw, hi :)05:15
eriknw*yawn* howdy05:17
eriknwwhat's up, prologic?05:23
prologicheya ;)05:24
prologicwhat's the time there?05:24
prologicTue Dec 24 15:24:40 EST 201305:24
prologicouch :)05:25
prologicso when it's my 00:00 here you'll be waking up05:25
prologicI'm a night owl so that's okay :)05:25
prologicwhen do you wanna get mio-lang to 0.1.8 and 0.1.9? :)05:26
eriknwaye, I'm a night own too (obviously), so we may actually be able to do some work together :-P05:26
prologicI could actually release 0.1.805:26
prologicand just start on 0.1.9.dev05:26
eriknwsounds good to me.  At this point, I'd say it's up to you.  I doubt I'll be of much use before the new year05:27
prologicfine I'll release 0.1.8 :)05:30
prologicfresh start on 0.1.9.dev05:30
eriknwbecause I still need to familiarize myself with the project as well as bitbucket, which shouldn't be challenging, but they will take a little bit of time05:30
prologicand that's okay anyway with your schedule05:30
prologicI'll focus on getting circuits 3.0 out before the new year05:30
eriknwaha, being productive I see ;)05:30
prologichave you cloned and got it in devleopment mode yet?05:30
eriknwnot yet05:31
eriknwI'm familiar with mercurial, and I'm also familiar with git and github.  I doubt bitbucket will be too different05:31
prologicpretty much the same really05:36
prologicjust a nicer UI ihmo :)05:36
prologicprimarily why I prefer it05:36
prologicalso supports both Git and Mercurial05:36
prologica secondary reason I use it :)05:36
prologicbut otherwise almost identical feature sets05:36
prologicjust bitbucket doesn't have all the nice extra stats on projects (yet)05:36
eriknwoh, so could I use git locally?05:37
prologicumm well you could if mio-lang was a git repo05:37
prologicor if you installed a git<->hg bridge05:37
prologicI normally use hg locally for all git repos05:37
prologicvia the hggit extension05:37
prologicbecause I just simply prefer the hg cli over git :)05:37
prologicany day!05:38
eriknwyeah, that mapping is easier05:38
prologicfor me in general05:38
prologicit's all about simplicity05:38
prologiceasy to use and reach05:38
eriknwso bitbucket supports both git and hg repositories, got it.05:38
prologicand less boilerpalte the better05:39
prologicif I don't have to read a manual every time I want to use something05:39
prologicthat's a +105:39
prologicgit - I often find myself man git blah05:39
prologicevery single time05:39
eriknwright, the best tool is often the tool you know05:39
prologicI guess it's the same philopshy I'm trying to do with mio05:40
prologictakes all of the good bits from Python05:40
prologicand other langauges05:40
prologicand create something inovactive05:40
prologicbut familar05:40
prologicyeah I gotta do that tonight to :)05:40
prologic100% test coverage with 0.1.805:41
prologiclet's keep it that way!05:41
prologicI love all the developer tasks I've created across all my proejcts05:42
prologicfab develop05:42
prologicfab docs05:42
prologicfab test05:42
prologicfab release05:42
prologicetc etc05:42
eriknwI may need to borrow some of those ;)05:42
prologicmakes my life oh so much easier05:42
prologicborrow the lot!05:42
prologictake my latest project05:42
prologicmio-lang :)05:43
prologicand just cp -r fabfile05:43
prologicmaybe I'll publish it as a seprate project05:43
prologicwhat do you think? :)05:43
prologica set of re-useable fabric developer tasks for any Python project05:43
prologicwith all good practices and standards05:43
prologicI guess you could call it my 12+ years of experience combined :)05:44
eriknwheh, I haven't looked at it yet, but sounds like it could be a separate project since you use it across many projects05:44
eriknwand it's not crazy to have developer-only dependencies05:44
prologicI wouldn't mind packaging it up as a serpate proejct05:46
prologicas a) a set of rabric tasks05:46
prologicand b) as a project template05:46
eriknwanyway, I really do need to wrap gifts then go to bed.  I was on my feet all day shopping.  I'll be around-ish, but based on all the family in town and the liquor and beer I need to unload from my car, this may not be the most productive time for me ;)05:47
prologicnps :)05:50
prologichave a merry xmas!05:50
prologicpretty much the same here for me05:50
prologicI'll be around but piss faced05:50
eriknwaye, enjoy your holidays too!05:50
prologicand not very productive :)05:50
eriknwheh, aim for the Ballmer Peak ;)05:50
eriknwooh, how do you make a warning box?05:59
prologic.. warning::06:02
prologic   ...06:02
prologicsame as ..note::06:02
prologicanyway have fun!06:03 fresh start in the new year06:03
prologiclet's see if we can't make our top-goals06:03
prologica) successful compialtion under RPython06:03
prologicb) improved semantics overall06:03
prologicenjoy your xmas and new years!06:03
prologicI'll probably pop in every now and again06:03
prologicI usually do :)06:03
eriknwgreat, thanks, you too, and when you pop in, feel free to prod me!06:04
prologicspaceone, ping?06:10
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prologichey SX06:25
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prologicheya Ossoleil10:44
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prologicMerry Christmas y'a;;20:00
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