IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-12-27

jgiorginot quite that much given what i'm using it for00:21
jgiorgii like that calculator tho00:22
jgiorgiim estimating the total cost of this project to be in the neighborhood of $25k including salaries (no benefits, taxes, etc) hardware and licensing on OS's and a few small tools00:23
jgiorgithe alternative would run about $85k in licensing, still require about $10k worth of salaries to implement and run $24k/year in recurring licensing00:23
jgiorgithe big numbers come when you start estimated what my automation platform will accomplish compared to the current method (manual testing)00:25
jgiorgiit would take roughly 1200 full time employees to do the same work, not considering benefits and taxes that's at least $25,000,000/year00:26
jgiorgiconvincing corporate to donate for what they could get for free is a tough job, i have more faith that they would consider dedicating some time to working on some of the projects we'll be using00:27
jgiorgieven a few hours a week by our programmers could be beneficial00:28
jgiorgianyway i'm off for the evening, i'll be back in the am00:31
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