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qwebirc68784hi, I tried to run a circuits component as a separate process, but I allways get an error in python shell and in IPython shell. Any idea? (Simple example code and Traceback: Python: WinPython-64bit- OS: Windows 7 64bit)10:33
prologichi qwebirc6878411:50
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qwebirc12176When I start the above example with app.start() or run() it works as expected, with process= True it doesn't11:55
qwebirc12176Have I done something wrong?11:55
prologichi qwebirc12176 again :)12:01
prologicsaw your paste and tried it on LInux12:01
prologicno you haven't done anything wrong :)12:01
prologicThat would be a circuits + Python + Windows bug12:02
prologicreckon you can hunt it down and fix it?12:02
prologicyour sample _does_ work as expectd on a POSIX compliant system12:02
prologicwhich sadly Windows is not :/12:02
qwebirc12176:/ sadly :)12:02
qwebirc12176Here at home I have a Linux installation but not at work :(12:04
qwebirc12176I like circuits because it is relativly small compared to some other message/async framework12:05
qwebirc12176... but missing some windows support...12:06
qwebirc12176I hope to get into your code, but I need to work on my python skills12:07
qwebirc12176it may be a good exercise12:08
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qwebirc12176installed a IRC client -> new nick devnow12:12
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prologicdevnow, gotcha :)12:22
prologicwelcome to IRC :)12:23
prologicand the FreeNode Network!12:23
prologicyes sadly Windows support with circuits is not 100%12:23
prologicand remmeber12:23
prologicit will almost never be 100%12:23
prologicsimply because there are some features in Windows it just doesn't have12:23
prologicwill simply not be available on Windows12:23
prologicalso don't worry too much if you can't fix this bug12:24
prologicsubprocesses in Windows kinda sucka bit12:24
prologicsince Windows doesn't have os.fork()12:24
prologicso starting subproceses vie Manager.start(process=True) is probably not all htat useful on Windows since it doesn't fork but starts another whole process12:24
devnowyes I see. And I hoped python is just about import and code ... :) Maybe a hint in the documentation will help some beginners like me. I remember that pyserial has some function which you can't use in Windows and they mark them in the docu. I have seen some comments in your code which point out that it is not portable.12:29
prologicThe hard lesson I learned about 12 years ago12:30
prologicwas that Windows is an awful OS to developer on12:30
prologicespecially for web apps and scalability12:30
prologicit's an awful server OS12:30
prologicor appliance OS12:30
prologicDeskop, Gaming - sure go nuts12:30
prologic(not that I do Gaming)12:30
prologicnor do I use it as a Desktop12:30
prologicI run CRUX 3.0 here as my Desktop12:31
devnowI use Arch Linux at home but at work I stick with Windows 7/812:33
prologicI use OS X at work12:34
prologicI've only been forced to use Windows once in a work environment in 12 years12:35
prologicanyway sorry about the Windows issues :)12:36
prologicnot a terrbile lot I can personally do12:36
prologicsince I do not own a copy of Windows12:36
devnowIt's an open source project so everybody is welcome to do his part ;)12:37
devnowBut maybe I will use circuits in a Raspberry Pi project12:39
prologicmaybe :)12:40
devnowA lot of projects but not enough time ... I need to quit my job :b12:42
prologicon that note g'night :)12:44
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