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jgiorgiI have an application in production that gets jsonified data by querying /findupdates/$NODE which is handled by the findupdates method of Root which accepts one argument21:08
jgiorgithis works fine however i need to add an optional argument without breaking the API but when i add an optional kwarg the old url does not call the method (circuits returns a 404)21:09
jgiorgiis there a workaround for this21:09
prologichey jgiorgi21:53
prologicjgiorgi, You mean this: 797560416983 ?21:57
prologictakes one mandatory argument21:58
prologicand one optional argument21:58
prologiclike you described21:58
prologicgives me a 404 :/21:59
prologicThis unfortuantely is a known defect21:59
prologiconly work around is to21:59
prologicdef index(self, *args, **kwargs):21:59
prologic   ...21:59
prologicwhich will work and not break your API21:59
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prologicheya Osso22:20
prologicget my response to pulsar?22:20
jgiorgithat's an acceptable workaround22:23
jgiorgiit's just temporary anyway, we have pretty tight control of updates so everyone will be on the current version within a couple weeks22:23
prologicwe'll try to fix thsi defect soon22:26
prologicit does sorta bug me too :)22:27
prologicbut yeah *args, **kwargs is accetapble ihmo22:27
prologicturns out that matching uris and optional query string parameters against event handlers on components with channels is well "hard" :)22:27
OssoI did prologic!22:34
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prologicOsso, cool :)22:44
prologicI'm pushing out the namespace ahgnes to my personal dev branch22:45
prologicso you can have a peek later and see what you think22:45
prologicOsso, back to 1 fialed and the rest passing22:57
prologicon my personal dev branch22:57
prologicwith namespace packging and splitting up of our sub-packages22:57
prologicI've still got to update the fabric tasks to make maintaining published packages across our set easy22:58
prologicthis isn't working so well :/23:03
prologicnamespace packages cat't seem to have stuff in their __init__.py23:03
prologicI can't seem to find any answers on this23:08
prologicfound it23:13
prologicthis is a giant pain in the ass23:13
prologicnamespace packages aren't going to work very well here23:13
prologicunless we restructure things more23:13
prologicwhich may break compatibility even more23:14
prologicOsso, I think we're boned23:35
prologicwe can't do namespace packages23:35
prologicman this sucks23:46

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