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prologichello tiger_eye03:11
prologichi mfdl03:11
prologicheya sz0ka and c45y03:12
prologicjust saying hi :)03:12
prologicnice to see so many in here :)03:12
c45ySeems to be going quite well03:12
prologicwell it just means we're getting a bit more exposure over time :)03:13
prologicI suck at marketing in general03:13
prologicbut answering questions on stackoverflow seems to help a bit :)03:13
c45yYea you don't seem to advertise much03:13
prologicand hopefully the upcoming 3.0 (really soon) with regular updates will also help03:13
prologicno I don't :)03:13
prologica) I hate advertising in general (except the comical ones on tv, etc)03:14
prologicand b) I have no skills in that area :)03:14
c45yI guess once the userbase gets large enough word of mouth should carry it well enough03:14
prologictaht's true :)03:17
prologicare you doing your part? :P03:17
c45yI still haven't really had a chance to use it03:18
prologicahh :003:18
c45yI'm stuck using php for this owncloud thing :(03:18
prologiclet's get you started :)03:18
prologicOsso, jgiorgi, spaceone we're going to have to rethink the whole extensibility and overriding of core/builtin circuits components -- namespace packages are out (don't work) -- will have to revisit plugins/entrypoints and get that works (which it should, just a matter of design)03:19
prologicOsso, jgiorgi, spaceone I'm thinking a) provide a "circuits" entrypoint for plugins (i.e: components) to register to. b) provide functions to load plugins from said entry point and maybe c) automatically override builtin components with those found in entrypoints (maybe an optional feature?)03:20
c45ycan't you just __metaclass__ inherit for plugins?03:22
prologicwe're not adding to a class here03:30
prologicbut adding new componetns03:30
prologicand overriding existing ones03:30
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prologicheya Guest854805:55
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prologicheya mfdl08:10
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FSXI'm actually FSX. ;D10:03
prologicoh hey :)10:04
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tmuhello. are there examples of using e.g. postgresql from circuits in a non-blocking way?17:23
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spaceoneprologic: pong, happy new year17:52
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prologictmu_, hello there19:53
prologictmu_, unfortunately no, not even for mysql19:53
prologictmu_, unfortuantely most rdbms systems (superflusous) do not support non-blocking oeprations natively19:53
prologictmu_, you're only option (most of the time) is to "thread" the db calls19:53
prologictmu_, this circuits does provide and support19:54
prologictmu_, see Worker component (wrapping multiprocessing providing either a threading or proecssing pool)19:54
prologicspaceone, hey happy new yeat to you too :)19:54
spaceoneprologic: why doesn't the namespace thing work?19:58
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prologichello dkostousov22:59
dkostousovHi. I tried to install circuits on python3. There was errors during compilation:
prologicspaceoneprologic: why doesn't the namespace thing work? <-- because you cannot have code in the namespace package's which breaks a lot of the convenience already in several of the circuits namespaces (packages)23:01
prologicdkostousov:  please use circuits-dev23:01
prologic2.1.0 (on PyPi) is not fully Python 3 compatible23:01
prologicpip install -e hg+
prologicThis will be released very soon (time permitting)23:02
spaceoneprologic: where do we need code in the __init__ ?23:02
prologicAnd with regular updates starting from 3.0 onwards23:02
spaceone"from circuits import foo" ?23:02
prologicspaceone: for example and many convenient imports. otherwise you have to: from circuits.core import Component rather than just from circuits import Component23:03
prologicspaceone:  this is what would break if we went with namespace packages23:03
prologicso in general I'm thinking this is a bad idea23:03
prologicand we should instead do pulgins23:03
prologicand setup tools entry points23:03
prologicmaking components (in terms of library of components) loadable, unload able, extensible and overridable23:04
prologiccircuits already has basic load/unload support for basic modules in the system path23:04
prologicdkostousov:  you're welcome :)23:04
spaceonei saw tryimport23:04
prologicthere are quite a few useful tools in - yes23:04
prologicif you can think of a sane way to support namespace packaging -- I'm all for it23:05
prologic-but- otherwise we're going with plugins23:05
prologicihmo I don't think it's feasible (namespace packaging) -- breaks too much of the codebase23:05
spaceonei think we should add the possibility to add with namespacing but not to overwride existing submodules23:07

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