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prologicyou reckon?00:04
prologicthis would mean all from circuits import blah00:04
prologicwhere blah is from circuits.core00:04
prologicwould change to00:04
prologicfrom circuits.core import blah00:04
prologicdo you see this as a big issue?00:04
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spaceoneprologic: hmm, when creating circuits.__init__ will be overwriten in any case??01:43
prologicwhich is precisely why you cannot have code/symbols in it01:43
prologicas there is no predefined order of which particular version of the namespace package gets loaded01:44
prologicthat's the why01:44
prologicno matter how it's implemented - there is no way around this behavior01:44
prologicso no code, data or convenient imports in top-level of any namespace package is possible01:44
spaceonehmm :/01:46
spaceonethey could if they copy the ?01:47
prologiceven then they can't02:01
prologicbecause of the undefined order02:01
prologicif you defined code in one top-level nemaspace package02:01
prologicand then defined code in another of the same namespace package02:01
prologicthe order is undefined as it's up to the user02:02
prologicyou'd have to duplicate said code in all namespaces packages02:02
spaceoneERROR <listener[*.part] (Bot.part)> (<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>): part() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)02:26
spaceonecircuits-dev/circuits/core/", line 521, in _dispatcher02:26
prologicwhat was passed to the PART() event?02:32
prologicit should take a channel as mandatory argument02:33
prologicand an optional reason02:33
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tmu_prologic: psycopg2 caters for async i/o and coroutines:
prologictmu_, cool :)12:02
prologicso it would be fairly trivial to wrap this up in a circuits component12:02
prologicand expose it to the rest of an app buitl with circuits and the message bus12:02
tmu_i'm not sure how exactly, since i've only started to evaluate circuits. i'd like to use sqlalchemy, do you think that would pose a problem with the approach you suggest?12:56
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prologictmu, not at all20:05
prologiceither use sa directly20:05
prologicor integrate it into circuits nicely20:05
prologicas a component with some kind of interface and set of events20:05
prologican example of wrapping a 3rd-party library btw is in circuits/io/notify.py20:05
prologicmorn'n all21:40

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