IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-01-10

prologichow's it going?01:13
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pdurbinnot bad. gave a well-received demo of search based on solr today02:57
prologicahh nice03:01
prologicI'd like to do something with whoosh myself03:01
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prologichey pdurbin13:39
prologicstill up?13:39
pdurbingot a good night's sleep. sorry for the slow reply ;)13:49
prologiceh it's okay13:52
prologicI'm up late answering SO questions13:52
prologicand drooling over the ASUS Transformer Book TRIO13:52
prologicpdurbin, I wouldn't mind taking whoosh and expanding upon it14:09
prologicperhaps forking it or improving it14:09
prologicwe use solr at our company as well for many of our python apps14:09
prologicbut I find it cumbersome to have to run up a java environment on top of your python environment as well14:10
prologicjust for some basic search functionality :)14:10
pdurbinwe have already have java installed to run our main app14:16
prologicfair enough in your case :)14:22
prologicI want a Python solution damint!14:22
pdurbinprologic: how about a C solution? http://lucy.apache.org14:45
prologicnow you're talking :)14:53
prologicI've seen that14:53
prologicall it needs is a Python wrapper14:53
prologicand voila :)14:53
prologicand a nice sexy web interface written in circuits.web14:53
pdurbinI'll play with Lucy when I upgrade my ilbot15:20
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anunnakisomeone was just telling me sending an image via IR would take too long..the attiny85 only have a program memory of 8kb and ram of 512B.. not sure which one it would use as storage for the image.18:10
anunnakiwhoops wrong channel18:10
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