IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-01-15

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prologicspaceone:  eh?21:40
spaceoneprologic: have a look at it ;) it's a socket lib, very nice21:41
spaceone# setup socket21:42
spaceonecontext = makeContext()21:42
spaceonesocket = makeSocket(context, REQUEST)21:42
spaceone# use socket21:42
spaceone# setup socket21:42
spaceonecontext = makeContext()21:42
spaceonesocket = makeSocket(context, REPLY)21:42
spaceone# use socket21:42
spaceonewhile True:21:42
spaceone  print
spaceone  socket.send("World!")21:42
prologicI know what zeromq is21:42
spaceonemultiple endpoints:21:42
prologicbut so?21:42
prologicit's a messaging system21:42
prologicthere are lots of similar things like this21:42
prologicone I'm a big fan of lately is mqtt21:42
prologicwe actually have plans to integrate 0mq into circuits21:43
prologicso that circuits and 0mq brokers can cooperate21:43
prologicI'll probably write an matt component/protocol as well21:43
spaceonethat is nice21:44
prologicso what's new?21:46
prologicother than you discovering 0mq :)21:46
prologicwhich is cool :)21:46
spaceonei programmed my own http library which can be used for http servers, user-agents, proxies and caches meanwhile21:48
spaceonefully object oriented21:48
spaceoneand generic, it uses only terminology defined in RFC 2616 - no internal methods21:49
spaceoneall objects can be composed into HTTP bytes, the public API is always unicode objects21:50
prologicyet another http library :)21:51
spaceoneit's different21:51
prologicwhat sets it apart from all the others?21:57
spaceonethe API allows the very simplest things, i never saw such a API22:00
prologicOf course it may be "simple" for you :) from a subjective point of view22:08
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