IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-01-16

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prologicHi Guys!07:53
prologicAnyone around?07:53
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prologicI could do with some help to get this 3.0 release out11:26
prologicI'm lacking sufficient time and energy11:26
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pdurbinprologic: what do you need help with?13:13
prologichey pdurbin13:18
prologicI need help with the websocket client issue13:18
prologicfailing test13:18
prologicand anything on the issues tracker13:19
prologichelp here: would be good too13:20
prologicbasically help getting circuits 3.0 out13:20
prologicyes that's the one I think13:21
prologicthe tests fails on CI13:21
prologiclike and shingingpanda.com13:21
prologicbut passes locally13:21
prologicgo figure :)13:21
prologicthat one has annoying me for a little bit13:21
prologicunfortunately (for me) the guy that improved the web socekts code in circuits and implemented the client came from a Java background13:21
prologicso his code is a little Java-ish13:22
prologickinda blows me mind reading his code a bit13:22
prologicbut hey13:22
prologicif you can help in any small way13:22
pdurbinI'll I can think of is Apu on the Simpsons13:25
pdurbin"I promise nothing"13:25
pdurbin(with a big smile)13:25
prologicI love the simpsons :)13:26
prologicI was thinking of creating a croud sourcing campaign for circuits13:27
prologicon indiegogo.com13:27
prologicnot sure if it's worth it though13:27
prologicor if I'll get that many donators13:27
prologicif it could work it would allow me to take time off work and work on this more seriously13:27
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