IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-01-18

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AdvancedNewbieHey guys... Looking for a datasheet for the 'TCS1305' on the 'cubietruck' schematic for the cubieboard (   Been everywhere, can't find it.  Help?04:50
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ircnotifier7 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev12:44
ircnotifier4ad8facfd3b1 by prologic: Make circuits and, circuits.core,, circuits.node, circuits.protocols, circuits.web and all namespace packages with initial version(s) of and their own for packaging and publishing12:44
ircnotifier58d47db32d85 by prologic: Fixed tests relying on now removed circuits.six12:44
ircnotifier134df731aa62 by prologic: Backed out changeset 58d47db32d8512:44
ircnotifier4301895fe9f9 by prologic: Backed out changeset 4ad8facfd3b112:44
ircnotifier2ca5c875e305 by prologic: Removed custom setup.cfg - covered by fabric tasks12:44
ircnotifierac8ef0ad1512 by prologic: Code cleanup12:44
ircnotifierb7bc08f26a0c by prologic: Added a simple node server example and improved hello_node to demonstrate it12:44
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spaceoneprologic: the 3 seconds wasn't a problem of circuits, the template engine geshi needed 3 seconds to initial precompile :/23:44
prologicthat's what I thought23:46
prologicthat's kind of not circuits problem :)23:46
prologicas with any async I/O framework/system23:46
prologicyou *really* should do work in a worker queue23:46
prologicprocess pool23:46
prologicthat's what circuits.Worker is for23:46
spaceonehow does this work?23:47
spaceoneexecuting things when idle time is?23:48
prologicpushing work to the worker pool23:52
prologicand/or using call/wait to synchronize the request/response(es)23:52

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