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jgiorgii'm using the complete mechanic for a loop but i need to break the loop when an error occurs, how could i do that?16:30
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prologichey jgiorgi ltns20:11
prologicI don't quite get what you're describing :)20:11
prologic"looping" isn't really a construct in event-driven systems20:11
prologicbut you can create events loops if you will20:11
prologicevent A fires event B which in turns fires event A again20:12
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jgiorgiprologic: that's effectively what i'm doing, a fires b, b_complete fires a20:32
jgiorgimy solution was to use the value object20:32
jgiorgithe value object contains the exceptions caught during execution, if there was an exception in value i stopped before firing a to start the loop again20:33
prologicjgiorgi:  if you deliverability create en event loop22:05
prologicthe only sensible way to break it is to maintain some kind of state somewhere22:06
prologicand check for this before firing the event that causes the loop22:06
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