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kephuyesterday i asked about json-rpc communication, and got some promising leads. Thing is, though, I can't find an example on how to write a json-rpc *client*08:53
prologicdo you need to write the json-rpc client in pythohn too?09:12
prologicand does this client have to be async in any way?09:35
prologicdoes it do anything else?09:35
kephuIn fact, it's likely to be the same app. Like I said yesterday, automation chaining09:35
prologicor is it just a cli tool, run once09:35
kephuso probably a service09:35
prologicso you want something like this09:36
prologicJSON-RPC service <-> JSON-RPC client <-> Users?09:36
kephuwell, I'd put it like this: there's a JSON-RPC client that accepts some commands to run. These commands are typically either "pass it on", or "do stuff to this list of machines"09:37
kephucrap, I misspoke, service, not client09:39
kephuAnyway, users will, in the end, get a gui for issuing commands to the first rpc service in the chain09:39
kephudoes that make sense so far?09:40
prologicso a webui09:40
prologicuser pushes button09:40
prologicsomething happens on a server/machine09:41
prologicjson-rpc or rpc at all is hardly needed you realize09:41
prologicyou can just use standard web stuff here09:41
prologichttp is a request/response model afterall09:41
prologicwe don't have a json-rpc client in the circuits library as such09:41
prologicbut there is a http client library in the works09:41
prologicotherwise you could use09:41
kephuthing is, I want to sustain the connection and capture all the messages09:41
prologicrequests (popular http client library for python)09:42
kephusince the automation process generates a fair bit of logs09:42
prologicyou _can_ sustain the connection09:42
prologiceven with regular http09:42
prologicit's called comet :)09:42
prologicwhich circuits.web totally supports09:42
prologicyou set = True09:43
prologicand stream endlessly09:43
prologicthere's a terminal web app example in examples/web/terminal09:43
kephu(btw incidentally, related question: how would I go about implementing comet with circuits? I have an old as balls project in the freezer where a pretty large part of it was comet'd)09:43
prologicbasically how the examples/web/terminal app works09:44
prologicyou just don't close the http conenction09:45
kephuwhat client-side js lib would you recommend here09:46
prologicwell I normally go with jquery09:47
prologicbut they're all good :)09:47
prologicjquery is the most popular I guess09:47
prologicthere's also nice things like09:47
prologictwitter bootstrap + jquery09:47
kephuwell that's more or less a given, but I was asking about the comet bit09:47
prologicnot sure about client-side comet09:48
prologicmaybe websockets is a better choice there09:48
prologicsince browsers natively support it09:48
prologicbbs - dinner/etc09:48
prologicremember one important thing09:49
prologicanything you can do in Python09:49
prologicyou can do in circuits09:49
prologiccircuits just provides you the foundations to scale complex software09:49
prologichorizontally - components09:49
prologicand gives you a very powerful message bus to decouple your components09:49
prologicloosely coupled componetns09:49
prologicswap one out, replace it with another compatible one09:49
kephuno probs09:58
kephuyeah, what I'm looking into here is that message bus, and riding it across multiple nodes09:59
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prologickephu, we have circuits.node for that12:20
prologicstills needs more work -- more features, etc12:20
prologicbut it's designed for exactly that purpose12:20
prologiccreating multi-node evented systems12:20
kephuare there any examples I could look at?12:55
kephu(also sorry, was afk)12:55
prologicin examples/13:07
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prologicman this is really cool14:13
prologicI love Docker :)14:13
prologic^^^ is running in a docker container14:18
kephuwhat's docker?14:24
prologicg'night :)14:25
kephujeez, timezones14:39
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prologicmorn'n all23:20

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