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ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to ircnotifier10:56
ircnotifier1a170578d887 by prologic: Default the nickname to ircnotifier10:56
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ircnotifier2 commit(s) pushed to ircnotifier11:46
ircnotifierc7da24ef8a38 by prologic: Dockerized ircnotifier (
ircnotifier71e601b39769 by prologic: Borrowed some project infrastructure from streamio11:46
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ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to ircnotifier12:10
ircnotifier2ec03fac9d64 by prologic: Make startup script configurable with NICKNAME, PORT and CHANNELS environment variables. Allow -c/--channel to take a comma separated list of channels12:10
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ircnotifier45536481cfa7 by prologic: Fixed typo13:55
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ircnotifiera09b3c97648d by prologic: Updated with lots of xies14:15
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ircnotifier_Message from prologic@daisy: Hello World!14:55
ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to ircnotifier14:55
ircnotifier15d74900c67c by prologic: Make message script slightly more useable14:55
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jgiorgithanks prologic16:14
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melodiehello, is the big boss on board of #circuits ? :D21:11
melodieI have been introduced here by pdurbin one week ago. unfortunately our networks broke during one week due to bad weather.21:12
melodieI brought zleap who is the founder of the #torios chan, and it would be nice if the present owner would make him benefit of his log server, so that he would have logs. Is that still possible?21:13
melodiezleap done, wait and see, and if needed check the logs next days: Logs:
melodieyou can see it in the topic21:13
melodiezleap once you will get a log, add it to the #torios topic so that all can consult it anytime.21:14
zleapas perthe log is a url right21:14
melodiezleap I don't know what perthe is21:15
melodieclick on the link of the logs and look how the main page is organized, that should help you see how it works21:16
zleapis the log i get a url to a log on the server as in i paste a url to the topic thing21:16
melodiezleap come to #linuxvillage, and I will show you : an example is better than a long explanation21:17
melodiegood night here :)21:26
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prologicbig boss22:21
prologicI guess that's me huh? :)22:22
prologicmorn'n all22:22
zleapyeah i am the main owner of #torios22:23
prologicYeah I can see that22:26
prologicI read a little bit of the backlog22:26
prologicI just missed the conversation it seems22:26
prologicWhat can we do for you? :)22:26
zleapasking if we can have a log for #torios please22:27
prologicAhh I see22:28
prologicusing my irc logger bot?22:28
prologicDid you want me to host and manage it as well?22:28
prologicOr did you want to run it up yourself?22:28
zleapnot sure22:28
prologicIt's actually fairly easy to run up yourself if you wanted to do that22:29
prologicI can even create a Docker image of it22:29
prologicDo you know Docker?
zleapi just do basic irc stuff22:29
prologicI just created (last night) a Docker image of ircnotifier ( See:
prologicHave a think about what you want to do :)22:30
prologicI don't mind either way22:30
prologicSounds like I should start making this into a public web service with optional paid features :) haha22:31
prologicThis is the 2nd time I've been asked to log someone's channel :)22:31
prologicIf you do want to just run it up yourself22:31
prologicIt's all at:
zleapok thanks22:32
zleapi am sure melodie may have been thinking you set everything up22:32
zleapi will ask tomorrow,  they can check the logs as to whatr was said here or asked here and help me respond22:42
zleapbut thank you22:42
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