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spaceoneprologic: do you want circuits.web to .wait() when is not yet finished (so that the request event can be fired after finished receiving headers)?12:42
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prologicspaceone, whatever makes sense :)21:10
prologicas long as it doesn't block the main event loop21:10
spaceoneprologic: hmm, but how can this be done if the data is needed but not fully transfered21:11
prologicpostpoone the event firing21:11
spaceonebut wasn't it the case that we want to fire the event when the body is not yet finished received (on chunked transfer encoding)?21:17
prologicyes probably21:32
spaceonewhich method was non-blocking?21:44 blocks, .wait() returns into the main loop again?21:44
prologicboth .wait() and .call() do not block21:45
prologicthey create coroutines21:45
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spaceoneprologic: i found 3 further issues in circuits.web22:18
spaceoneHEAD is sending response body22:18
spaceoneConnection: close doesn't close the connection22:18
spaceonepipelined requests aren't working, only the first message is answered22:19
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prologicspaceone, got patches?22:24
spaceoneprologic: i didn't investigate the code, and i am implementing my own HTTP solution22:25
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prologicof course you do22:48
prologicevery young programmer thinks that way22:48
prologicrather then fix or contribute to an already existing project22:48
prologicwith a good codebase22:49
prologicbut you go ahead and rewrite and reinvent the wheel22:49
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spaceoneto make the wheel more airodynamic, smaller, rounder23:17
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prologicbut I don't see why you can't contribute said smaller, rounder, more airodynamic wheel to circuits.web23:20
prologicwhy complain about some broken things23:21
prologicif a) you will not use it23:21
prologicand b) you will not fix it23:21
prologicit makes me very sad23:21
spaceonebecause they are broken23:21
prologicand want to abandon circuits as a project23:21
prologicso help me fix it!23:21
spaceonei don't want to abandon circuits23:21
prologicI don't want to either23:22
spaceonei just don't want to use circuits.web because it mixes everything23:22
prologicbut re-inventing wheels on your own23:22
prologicand not contributing back to circuits23:22
prologicis very disheartening23:22
spaceonethats because i cannot recontribute that23:22
spaceonemy patches are changing very much api23:23
spaceoneplease understand that i am not working against you23:24
prologicbuild and design a new circuits.web23:27
spaceonei already did23:27
spaceoneall my webapps running it23:27
spaceonefor me it is important that HTTP is split up from the web-application-handling23:28
spaceoneso i wrote a generic lib which focuses on implementing the MUST criterias from RFC 261623:29
spaceonethe web-app doesn't know about http semantic and syntax, it only uses its features and knows some rules23:30
prologicI've yet to see this anywhere23:30
prologicwhere I can play with it23:30
prologicthe code you've shown me before23:30
prologicis untested23:30
prologicwith no examples of how to use it23:30
spaceoneit is not automated tested... but ofc. it is tested.. every day 5 bots and some spammers are accessing it23:36
spaceonei currently have 3 repositories23:38
spaceone1. ist httoop23:38
spaceonethe other 2 are private as they are 1. private and 2. some bad code23:38
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prologicstill makes me sad23:39
prologicwhy we can't just fix circutis.web together23:39
prologicrather than rewriting from scratch23:40
spaceoneprologic: maybe because we have different goals?23:43
prologicno I don't think so23:44
prologiccircuits.web was cobbled together23:44
prologicand for the most part it works just fine23:44
prologicbut if you believe we can improve that23:44
prologicwe should23:44
spaceonei saw improovements23:44
spaceonein circuits.web one must control the handling of http23:45
prologicbut you did not contribute any back23:45
spaceonebecause i maybe can give an alternative which is easier to use23:45
prologicso then I ask again23:46
prologicwhy bother?23:46
prologicI should just nuke circuits.web23:46
spaceonei am really limited in time, it's hard for me to create fixes when i have to maintain an system which does thing in anotherway23:46
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