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Romsterprologic, so what should i use for the database then json what python module handles that?04:24
prologicfrom json improt dumps, loads04:25
prologiclook it's really quite simple04:26
prologicyou konw that thing you use on your CRUX Desktop?04:26
prologicYOu may use ext404:26
prologicor maybe even btrfs04:26
prologicGuess what?! :)04:26
prologicIt's an f'n database :)04:26
prologica really really good one :)04:26
Romsterwell i am aware of json i was just set on SQL.04:27
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DrSARIn reading I have come across this definition of the Controller class:04:57
DrSARController = ExposeMetaClass("Controller", (BaseController,), {})04:57
DrSARAt the same time I found this absolute gem of an explanation of metaclasses:
DrSARSo Controller inherits from BaseController with the slight tweak that any additional attributes (of which there are none, see third parameter in the call to ExposeMetaClass get the expose treatment.04:58
DrSARWhy would one not say04:59
DrSARclass Controller(BaseController): pass04:59
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prologicDrSAR> Why would one not say10:56
prologic<DrSAR> class Controller(BaseController): pass10:56
prologic<DrSAR> ?10:56
prologicIt's actually equivilent to:10:56
prologicclass Controller(BaseControlelr):10:56
prologic    __metaclass__ = (ExposeMetaClass<)10:56
prologicThe reason circuits doesn't use this form10:56
prologicis to be backwards compatible with Python 2.610:56
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