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DrSAR<prologic> to be backwards compatible with Python 2.602:07
DrSARThanks, that makes sense.02:07
prologicahh heya02:38
prologicnps :)02:39
prologicthank god for irc logs :)02:39
DrSARI have been going back through some of the logs for circuits and circuits-dev.03:03
DrSARNice to look back.03:04
DrSARHow long are you gone (i.e afk)?03:04
prologictill the 27th03:12
prologicfly back in on the 26th03:12
prologicand yeah it'll be unlikely I'll be here to respond03:12
prologicbut possibel :)03:12
prologicI am brining my tablet and well I'm just a big ol nerd :)03:12
prologicand btw03:12
prologicreally appreciate any contributions you make03:12
prologiceven if really trivial :)03:12
DrSAROK, one last question then. I'm trying to understand the rational beween some design decisions.03:19
DrSARAt the most basic level we have Events and Components, but then there are Controllers, there are Values being passed around etc.03:19
DrSARIs there any generic foundation that guides you?03:19
DrSARI am currently looking at wikipedia:03:19
DrSARHowever, I wonder whether there is less generic material that inspires the various choices.03:20
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DrSAROr, less convoluted: what is some good background reason (you are taking to a non-CS person here)03:21
prologicso circuits' design was inspired by quite a few things over the years03:21
prologichowever the core underlying concepts03:22
prologicevents and components03:22
prologicwere inspired directly from my old uni days about a decade or so ago03:22
prologicby my late Prof. Geoff Dromey (died of bone marrow cancer)03:22
prologiche headed up the Software Quality Insitute of Australia and was largely behind the principles of Genetic Software Engineering (GSE) and the use and design of Behavior Trees03:23
DrSAR[looks up]03:23
prologicSo in essnece the ideas bahine circuits are around components03:23
prologicala circuitry03:23
prologicthe conotations are the same03:23
prologicone small component does this03:24
prologicit plug into this other component that does that03:24
prologictogether they form a higher level component that does something else03:24
prologicand so on03:24
prologicsome history03:25
prologicoriginally the ideas behind circuits were implemneted in Java03:25
prologicback in 2001/200203:25
prologicthen a year or so later rewritten in Python as pymills.event03:26
prologicthen in 2004 circuits was born03:26
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DrSARI'll have a look around circuits and see what else I understand. If I do, I might be able to contribute to the documentation. The coding part currently still looks quite hard...03:35
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prologicRomster, ping?05:34
Romsterprologic, pong i just got home07:02
prologicnvm :)07:04
prologicread the #crux backlog07:04
prologicwas just having troulbles with playinv dvds07:04
prologicall good now :)07:04
Romsteryeah i saw that but dunno what was causing it?07:06
Romstereverything works here on dvds07:06
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