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prologicpdurbin: lol no03:07
prologicthat was #io :)03:07
prologic*sigh* :)03:07
prologicyes there are still open issues that would be nice to close03:07
prologicnot bugs per say, but it'd be nice to get them into 3.003:07
pdurbinwell, anyone interested can check out the #io log:
prologicwe;; ues03:14
prologicI'm finding it personally difficulty to invest the time into getting circuits 3.0 out03:14
prologicI need help - time/effort from others :)03:14
pdurbinprologic: push those issues to 3.1 ;)03:15
prologicyou reckon?03:17
pdurbinprologic: at least you don't seem to have a deadline :)03:21
pdurbinyou'd have to make those tough choices otherwise, I suppose03:22
prologicwell any conversation with anyone is good :)03:23
prologicso thanks :003:23
prologicperhaps I'll do just that03:23
prologicpush out 3.0 - defer everything else to > 3.003:23
prologicand get some more visibility with more regular releases going forward03:23
pdurbinit's been interesting to watch the perl6 folks move to a monthly release cycle03:24
prologicyeah why's that?03:25
pdurbinoh, I just think it's helpful for them to have a regular cadence. and I think they switch up who is in charge of the release03:26
pdurbinso more people know how to cut a releas03:27
prologicyeah fair enough03:30
prologicI wish we (circuits) had more regular developers03:30
prologicthey've come and gone over the years03:30
pdurbinyears? how old is the framework?03:33
prologic10 years03:34
pdurbinprologic: wow. nice. and you're the original author?03:35
prologicI am :)03:35
pdurbinI guess so:
prologicyeah :)03:39
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prologicread the bottom of this04:03
prologichow embarrassing :(04:03
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pdurbinprologic: the special characters thing?
pdurbinsounds like you fixed it, which is great11:07
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prologicpdurbin, I did :)12:34
prologicbut embarassing that I totally forgot to implement it in the first place12:34
prologicthen coudln't figure out what was missing12:34
pdurbinprologic: I told you so12:37
pdurbinthat unicode logging wasn't working :)12:37
prologicnot only wasn't it working12:40
prologicI never implemneted it12:40
prologicthe patch/diff was so stupidly simple it wasn't funny12:41
pdurbinmeh. at least it's fixed. better competition against ilbot :)12:48
Romstersimple mistake prologic don't worry about it.12:49
prologicsimple oversight more like it12:52
prologicyeah I'm going to try and merge the two codebases like I said12:53
prologicand maybe try to ressurect kdb (
prologicand upgrade it's code (kdb) and ircnotifier and irclogger to circuits 3.012:53
prologicand improve the plugability12:53
prologickdb was a nice bot :)12:53
Romsterfrankly i'd like to see ircnotifyer and irclogger as modules to kdb12:53
prologicprobably still works on circuits 2.1.0 :)12:53
prologicyeah that's what I'm talking about12:54
Romsteri was looking at using kdb but it's broken12:54
prologicI write them as exercises and tutorials12:54
prologicmostly as demonstration as to how "easy" and "simple" circuits is to use12:54
prologicwell it's broken against circuits-dev - yes12:54
prologicit _may_ work against older circuits12:54
prologicbut I don't recommend that12:54
prologicwe (circuits dev team) have limited resources and time to support older versions/releases12:55
Romsteryeah but upgrading kdb to work on newer circuits12:55
Romsterand get rid of circuits 2.1.0 or what ever it is asap.12:56
Romsterif i ever get up to speed i'll come on board.12:58
Romsterhonestly i doubt i'll be that good.12:59
prologicyou know what we need the most?13:03
prologiceyes on the docs13:04
prologicimproving it13:04
prologicadding to it13:04
prologiccircuits.core - the core of everything circuits13:04
prologichas been stable (API-wise) for some years13:04
prologicand hasn't changed much at all13:04
prologicwe've gone (or are going to) go from 2.1.0 to 3.0.013:04
prologicbecause we decided to break with convention/tradition13:04
prologicand make it easier on new users13:04
prologicclass foo(Event)13:05
prologicis handled by13:05
prologicno silly CamelCaseEvent -> camel_case_event translation nonense anymore13:05
prologicso if I have some time on the weekend13:05
prologicI'll try to do the necessary work to cut a 3.0 release13:05
prologicand get it out13:05
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