IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-03-04

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prologichiya all09:17
prologicepicmuffin, hi09:17
prologichi Osso09:17
prologicsee my emails/msgs?09:20
prologicgetting closer to 3.009:20
prologicstill 10 open issues09:20
OssoI saw a lot of changes yes09:20
Ossoand a repo change09:20
prologiconly 8 for 3.0 left09:21
epicmuffin<- bloody09:21
prologic*nods* :)09:23
prologicsaw the nick change09:24
prologicOsso, re repo change09:24
prologicyeah figures cine we'll try to do more regular releases09:24
prologicmay as well get rid of the "dev" repo09:24
prologicand do dev via PR(s) and documented Issue(s)09:24
prologicand keep the "circutis" branch always stable09:24
Ossosounds good09:26
epicmuffinhm. i am doing stuff with workers now. and can't find a way to kill the worker thread/process after i hut ctrl+c12:39
epicmuffin example12:58
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prologicepicmuffin, Worker() and it's child processes should under normal circumstances terminate cleanly19:34
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prologicepicmuffin: hi22:52
prologicdid you see my comments?22:52
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