IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-03-15

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prologic^^^ this works rather nicely00:27
prologicit's a shame we don't have a better way of managing blocking calls00:28
prologicOsso, ping?00:28
prologicOsso, Do you think we can improve on this in some way?00:28
prologicOsso, perhaps a self.call_in_thread(func, *args, **kwargs)00:29
Ossoyou are using docker!01:36
Ossothe code you pasted looks fine01:38
prologicyes I am03:00
prologichave been for a whiel now :)03:00
prologicI'm the docker maintainer for the crux distro03:00
prologici.e: crux as a full docker enviornment03:00
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