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prologicit's awesome01:09
pdurbinI've used vagrant for a while. It works well for me01:12
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prologicyeah folks keep comparing Vagrant to Docker02:21
prologicyou really cannot compare them02:21
prologicthey are almost polar opposites :)02:21
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prologichi Bates07:48
Bateshello prologic :)07:59
BatesI talked to you through qwebirc a couple weeks ago and finally got around to getting a client.07:59
prologica real client is better :) ihmo08:00
prologicwelcome back08:00
prologicwhat project were you working on in circuits?08:01
Batesi'm working on a tcp client/server for a commandline game08:01
Batesthat sends encrypted messages for no meaningful reason other than my grade :P08:02
Batesi actually had a question about TCPClient components disconnecting from TCPServer components08:04
BatesI'm kind of confused on the procedure for a client to disconnect from the server. I currently just have my client fire a close event, which calls self.stop() while my server doesn't really take any action. The client is able to exit ok with this approach, but the server seems to become unresponsive after this.08:14
prologicshouldn't :/08:18
prologicIs this circuits 3.0.0.ev?08:18
prologicWhat OS?08:18
Batesyes and win 808:19
Bates64 bit08:19
Batesis there some combination of the disconnect, disconnected, close or other event that I need to use or am not using properly perhaps?08:23
prologicdamn :/08:23
prologicI actually cannot developer, debug or test on Windows08:24
prologicat all really :/08:24
prologicfireing close() from the client is enough to close the connection08:24
prologicotherwise normal program termination of the client will also cleanup and close open sockets08:24
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Bates_550Okay, so if I forget to close the server after it becomes unresponsive (like I just did) my computer doesn't quite freeze, but gets bad enough to the point where I can't close the server and have to hard reset.08:32
Bates_550I'll have to try it in a different environment I suppose.08:32
Bates_550I've never really experienced this, but it seems like a memory leak according to the vague description given here
Bates_550except that I don't get a notice about running low on memory08:34
prologicyeah I'm really sorry08:42
prologicbut I can't guarantee that circutis will function correctly on Windows 8 at all really08:42
prologicwe just don't have the resources to test, debug and develop against it08:42
prologicLinux/BSD/OS-X have much better support here08:43
Bates_550Yeah, I understand. Thanks for your help though :)08:43
prologicI wish I could help more08:44
prologicbut I have no access to Windows :)08:44
prologicand little experience with the platform08:44
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Bates_550Is there a good way to suspend a blocking call with an event? For example, suspend a call to input() with an event and perhaps resume after the event has completed.14:23
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prologicyou will have to yield a generator19:55
prologicthat wraps that call in a thread19:55
prologicso yes :)19:55
prologicthere is19:55
prologicbut ideally you should use for user input19:55
spaceonehe's offline19:56
prologicoh :/19:59
prologicwell it's logged19:59
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BatesHmm, so how would I go about reading from
BatesI'm looking at but I'm kind of confused on how to use this.21:47
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prologichi eriknw23:05
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