IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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prologicjgiorgi, good lord :)02:47
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prologichey Osso08:18
prologicI want to merge these two PRs08:26
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prologicAnyone wanna help me flesh out autodock and finddock?09:08
Romsteri'm too tired.09:45
Romsterand i haven't even got docker to work yet09:45
prologicRomster, how come?09:45
prologicit's pretty easy to get working on crux09:45
prologicTry the latest version I've put up on contirb09:45
Romsterhaven't bothered yet been working on compat-32 for 3.109:46
prologicfair enough09:47
prologicwell it's pretty easy to get going ihmo09:47
prologicI use a btrfs backend here on a 1TB SATA driver for storage of containers and images09:47
Romsteri chose to use lvm2 backend as i'm using lvm already09:48
Romsterand btrfs isn't really production ready09:48
Romsterthis flight 370 thing is seriously bad how do you lose a jet09:50
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prologicyou mean devmapper10:24
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