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Ossoprologic: finally I decided for just use vagrant with ansible provisioning10:34
pdurbinOsso: not docker?10:36
Ossoin my setup it was just one extra layer10:37
Ossoin the end I don't really need the features10:38
prologicAhhh but you'll come to lvoe Docker one day10:57
prologictrust me, everyone will :)10:57
prologicit _will_ change the face of how we develop and deploy application10:57
prologicVagrant + <some configuration management> only takes you so far10:58
prologichi Osso10:58
prologichi pdurbin10:58
prologictreating applications as first class citizens (as is the mantra with Docker) is a very powerful game changer IHMO10:58
prologicno longer do we care about "machines" and "servers"10:58
prologicOsso, spaceone ping?11:01
prologicI'm going to approve/merge thw two PR(s) outstanding11:01
prologicany objections?11:01
pdurbinsome day I'll try docker11:20
Ossoyes docker will be amazing one day, it's just not ready yet11:28
prologicI think it is largely11:29
prologicI would like to see the problem of:11:29
prologica) how to configure a complex docker based infrastructure11:30
prologicb) how to maintain such an infrastructure11:30
prologicright now folks uses combinations of bash scripts11:30
prologicand/or puppet, chef, ansible, whatever11:30
prologicor tools like fig, deis, etc11:30
prologic3rd-party tools are great11:30
prologicbut I'd personally love to see Docker itself grow a11:30
prologicAppfile or such11:30
OssoI guess the PRs are fine11:31
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prologicI think so11:32
prologicsorry to be a PITA11:32
prologicbut I want to move to a peer review, pull request based development going forward11:32
prologicwhere "quality" is our focus going forward with the upcoming 3.0 release11:32
prologicalso somehow I have to find time to write up a set of slides for PyConAU 2014 this year11:32
prologicand submit a proposal and hope it gets accepted11:33
prologicI've started a set of slides ^^^11:33
prologicusing this tool (which I find quite nice):
ircnotifier1d26f8fef77b by prologic: Updated dev requirements11:34
ircnotifierd4dd143390c9 by prologic: Bring back the Exception Event type and use this for critical uncaught exceptions. Fixes Issue #7711:34
ircnotifierc304d96e55be by prologic: Merged in prologic/circuits (pull request #12)11:34
ircnotifierd52ff734822d by prologic: Only call event.stop() when we actually handle the request and return a response. Let the request event pass through otherwise. Fixes Issue #8111:35
ircnotifier1797380a57e9 by prologic: Code cleanup11:35
ircnotifier0d4ba8ffdaa9 by prologic: Add broadcast event for UDP sockets11:35
ircnotifier9ebaf0c3d441 by prologic: Add UDP support to telnet example via -u/--udp option11:35
ircnotifier01109764bbde by prologic: Merged in prologic/circuits (pull request #13)11:35
OssoI am pretty sure you linked the wrong page11:35
prologicoh damnit11:37
prologicthis tool11:38
prologicmaybe you could help by fleshing out a structure/layout that I could then flesh out in detail11:38
prologici.e: what you'd like to see in a 30min talk (the topics, etc)11:38
Ossoit's about circuits?11:41
prologicno not right now11:44
prologicwhat's in that repo is just a template11:44
prologicthat I ripped off from the hieroglyph docs11:45
prologicit needs a set of titles/topics11:45
prologicand then that to be fleshed out11:45
prologicand maybe a asciinema demo or two11:45
prologicand maybe some pretty graphs of some complex-ish systems11:45
ircnotifierc38adaa6b7af by prologic: Migrate to Releases for ChangeLog maintenance. Fixes Issue #7813:08
ircnotifier626b858d0782 by prologic: Add notice about where we got the HTTP parser code from13:08
ircnotifier626b858d0782 by prologic: Add notice about where we got the HTTP parser code from13:10
ircnotifierec12419acefa by prologic: Added comments to dev requirements13:32
ircnotifiere8fb2d96f6c2 by prologic: Fixed incorrect no. of args passed to HttpParser13:32
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ircnotifier066cb8a1b23e by prologic: Added documentation for Fixes Issue #7520:16
ircnotifier29995b382b99 by prologic: Fixed typos. See Ixxue #7520:16
WorksterFixed typos. See Ixxue #7523:07
prologicWorkster: hehe23:07
prologicwe're moving to a tighter development workflow23:07
prologicthat means most things will be done via pull requests and issues23:08
Worksterdunno how that is different to a bug ticket and fix23:13
Worksterisn't the only difference in how you get notified of a bug23:16
Worksterworking on a iphone 4s that i got in bits here. they are fun23:17
prologicthe different is in the work flow23:44
prologicwhich enforces peer review23:44
prologicof course this only works well if there are developers to peer review work23:44
prologicbut this is the plan ;)23:44
prologicnon-trivial fixes and enhancements: Issue -> Discussion -> Branch -> Implement -> Pull Request -> Peer Review (possibly going back) -> Accept -> Merge23:45
Worksteranyone can pull the source work on it submit patches23:54

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