IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-03-21

prologicabsolutely they can00:04
prologicbut a) there must be an issue lodged00:05
prologicb) there must be a pull request00:05
prologicthe only exception to this is if it's really trivial00:05
prologici.e: simple typo fix, something very obvious00:05
Romsterthose you do alot of, as do i.01:47
Romsterbut i tend to pick up on them after01:47
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spaceoneprologic: even trivial typos are sometimes dangerous17:50
spaceoneprologic: hmm, i wrote a network application for my company using twisted. i did some profiling and the poll()s costs much time… :(… is there some profiling evaluation of circuits online available?22:38
prologicno not at this stage sorry22:58
prologiccircuits.core.pollers are mostly based around twisted's reactor core22:58
prologicso we may possibly suffer the same or similar performance there too22:58
prologicit would be good to optimize this22:58
prologicbecause once upon a time a long time ago when some of circuits codebase _was not_ based/borrowed from twisted22:59
prologiccircuits.web clocked in a raw http benchmark at 7k req/s22:59
prologicwith just a quad-core cpu, 4 processes with shared listening socket22:59
prologicspaceone, Osso: reckon either or both of you could pick up an open 3.0 issue today and work on it? something small and easy to get out of the way in an hour or so?23:08
prologicI really need some help I can't do this all myself :)23:08
spaceonei can't, i currently have seriously problems with my final exam… twisted behaves bad…23:19
prologicJust use circuits!23:28
spaceonei am not allowed to do so23:31
spaceonemaybe in the future when circuits is able to create REST resources23:32
prologicare you kidding?23:32
prologicand circuits can create REST resources :)23:32
prologicyou wrote such a library yourself :P23:32
spaceonebut to complicated23:32
prologicwe just need to incorporate it into circuits.web for 3.123:32
spaceoneit's not finished yet23:33
prologicwell yeah23:33
prologichopefully we'll both work on this soon23:33
prologicas soon as you're free of your obligations :)23:33

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