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prologicParts List:06:12
prologic2.2 Amp Hour 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery06:12
prologicPowertech Monocrystalline Solar Panel - 5W06:12
prologic12V 5A Battery Charging Regulator for Solar Panels06:12
prologicIn-Car Charger with Lightning Connector06:12
prologic12VDC 48 Step / 7.5� Stepper Motor06:12
prologic^^^ Power, Motor and Charging06:13
prologicTinyDuino Processor06:14
prologicUSB & ICP Shield06:14
prologicMotor Control x4 Shield06:14
prologicWIFI Shield06:14
prologicAmbient Light Shield06:14
prologicOpen/Close door by detecting Ambient Light and verifying with Time/Date/Sunrise/Sunset data via web services06:15
prologicMQTT based control/sensor interfacing to an MQTT broker running in my house06:15
prologicWeb App and REST services06:15
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prologicRomster, ^^^08:05
Romsteri looked over it, the chicken coupe08:06
Romstercan it run python <<08:06
Romsterit could also double up as a wifi extender08:07
Romstermesh networking08:07
Romstermaybe evens some space to do a backup of important files too as well.08:08
Romsterand tempature monitoring of the coupe08:08
Romsteryou sure you wanna use an SLA battery they don't like cold tempatues08:09
Romsterwhy a steper motor a gearbox drive could do the job on a normal little motor, and if it's not geared up too much you could use the weight of the door to slide down to generate some power back to the battery.08:12
Romsteri come up with crazy ideas though.08:13
prologica) TinyDunio does not run Python08:16
prologicand never could08:16
prologicit uses an Atmel embedded AVR processor08:16
prologicyou write code in C08:16
prologicnormally with the Ardunio IDE08:16
prologicas Sketches as they call them08:16
prologicbut I plan on using xunio a Python written set of command line tools and Makefiles for writing Ardunio-based apps/code without the Ardunio IDE08:16
prologicb) The TinyDunio processor's specs are:08:17
prologic32Kb Flash08:17
prologic8Kb EEPROM08:17
prologic4-8Mhz CPU08:17
prologicso yeah you're not doing anything but08:17
prologiccontrol, monitoring, sensing, collecting data, etc08:17
Romsterhmm k pretty small08:24
prologicI'll say :)08:46
prologicsmaller than my thumbnail08:47
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prologicso who's helping me knock out an issue or two tonight?11:10
prologicanyone? :)11:10
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