IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-03-26

prologicspaceone, Osso: ping?00:35
*** c45y has joined #circuits00:40
prologichi c45y00:49
prologicwhat’s up?00:50
c45ynot lots, programming php :(00:50
c45ysilly projects00:50
prologicwhy not circuits.web? :)00:58
c45ywork projects, don't get to choose language sadly00:58
prologicthat’s totally crap :)00:59
prologicand I call bullshit :)00:59
prologicwho’s dictating this to you? :)00:59
c45yits the research working storage project, I can't really rewrite the vendor app ;)00:59
c45yWell, I could, but it would just be a terrible idea01:00
prologicresearch working storage project?01:00
prologicdo you work in Au/Brisbane somewhere?01:00
prologicdo we know each other? :)01:00
c45yI work with you at griffith01:00
prologicyou do?01:00
c45yim in the storage team01:00
prologicwait lol01:00
prologicwho are you? :)01:00
c45yyour in eresearch01:00
c45yim the project technical lead :P01:00
prologicwait wait lol01:00
prologichow do we know each otehr?01:00
prologicor do we? :)01:00
c45yI don't believe we have met01:00
prologicoh serious?01:01
prologicwe should meet!01:01
prologicI’m the technical lead on the TerraNova project01:01
prologicwhich is hopefully finishing up soon because of lack of bdget and overrude :/01:01
prologichopefully I’ll be on a new project soon01:01
c45ysounds familiar01:01
prologicwhat we’ve never had coffee before or anything?01:01
prologicadd me to google talk :)01:01
Romsterlol irc such a small place...01:40
prologicit is indeed :)02:22
prologichi Danny :)02:22
Romsterhi James07:48
*** Ossoleil has joined #circuits08:50
prologicspaceone, hehe11:57
prologicforgot what I was going to ask/say11:57
prologicnevermind :)11:57
*** ircnotifier has joined #circuits12:13
Romsterprobably along the lines of working on circuits12:17
prologicprobably :)12:32
Romsterwomen, there driving me crazy so is work. shame hollodecks don't exist.12:41
Romstercould so enjoy a luxury hotel with a really big bath. not like the small one i barely fit into so i just have showers.12:42
*** realzies has joined #circuits18:21
prologichi realzies21:41
realzieshi prologic22:02
realziesprologic: TerraNova ... tv series?22:03
realziesdon't think so lol22:03
realziesanother TerraNova then22:03
prologicit’s our climate change adapation project22:25
prologicand the visualization tool (ccav) which uses circuits.web for it’s API(s) and Web Frontend:

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