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Romsterdo you mind unset CC CXX in go and docker ports, i have CC and CXX set for ccache and it brakes on go and docker.06:44
Guest72693Romster, I don't set these flags07:20
Romsteri do08:21
Romsteralso identify your nick08:21
spaceonecan you please set me on bcc?08:58
spaceoneon jenkins08:58
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prologicsorry about that11:04
prologicRomster, sorry I don't get what you're saying11:04
prologicwhat's this about CC and CXX flags for docker/go crux ports?11:04
prologicspaceone, you want cc on the CI issue?11:04
Romsteri set CC and CXX for ccache and only go and docker fail with that set.11:20
Romsteri was asking if you could unset them variables in docker and go if possible.11:21
Romsterelse i'll just keep working around it.11:21
prologicthat's precisely what I said though11:57
prologicI don't set any such variables11:57
prologicin those ports11:57
Romsteri know i set it in pkgmk.conf and i edit each of those to add unset CC CXX12:14
prologicsorry I misunderstood what you were saying12:24
prologicyou want me to modify them to explicitely unset CC and CXX12:24
prologicbecause building them breaks with ccache?12:24
prologicin case you have ccache setup with CC/CXX?12:24
spaceoneprologic: i want BCC instead of CC12:31
prologicnot really sure that's even possible :)12:32
prologicyou're either watching the issue(s)12:32
prologicor you're not12:33
spaceonenot the issue12:33
spaceonethe jenkins mails12:33
prologicno nevermind the jenkins mails12:33
prologicit's going away12:33
prologicSee Issue #8512:33
prologicShinginaPanda is effectively dead12:33
prologicas of today12:33
Romsterprologic> in case you have ccache setup with CC/CXX? <- correct13:06
prologicyeah sorry13:09
prologicI completely misunderstood what you were asking/saying13:09
prologiccommunication failure there :)13:09
Romsterbuidl -_-13:30
Romsterthanks for that.13:30
Romsterthem ports must be special and use them vars internally or something.13:30
prologicdidn't realize the default branch is now 3.113:30
prologicso my commit got messed up13:30
prologichad to completely redo it all :/13:30
Romsteror they use go with CC/CXX13:30
Romsterargh, git checkout 3.0, .... do ya work. git checkout 3.1 ; git pull . 3.0 ; git push13:31
Romstergit checkout 3.013:31
prologicsorry what?13:33
prologicgit is foreign to me13:33
prologicyou want the updates in 3.1 too?13:33
Romsteri can do that.13:33
prologicI haven't upgraded to 3.1 yet13:34
prologicis it officially out yet?13:34
Romsterno not yet ti's being tested and fixing the few remaining issues still. there is beta builds of the 3.1 iso though.13:37
prologicand btw13:37
prologicwhat you suggest above will not work13:37
prologicyou can't simply pull from the 3.0 branch13:37
prologicit will and does cause merge conflicts13:37
prologicanyway I'm happy to cherrypy the changes and apply them to 3.1 too13:38
prologicbut I'm not on 3.1 atm so I can't really test against a 3.1 system13:38
Romsterwhat on earth did you do...13:38
Romsteryou pushed to 3.113:38
Romsteri merged the stuff.13:39
prologicno I pushed to 3.013:39
Romsterh that's on 3.0 tag sorry13:39
Romsteri've compiled it on 3.1 already it all builds.13:40
Romsterworking on branches in git is a little foreign at first.13:41
prologichmm14:04 is rather nice14:04
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prologicmorn’n all21:45
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c45yo/ prologic22:34
prologicaye c45y :)22:47
prologichow was your weekend?22:48
c45yUmm not too bad22:49
c45yI got hooked on an indie game22:49
c45yand spent nearly all of my weekend playing22:49
c45ystupidly addictive22:50
c45yI did however work out how to make the web interface subscribe to the irc events22:50
c45ystill having a hard time getting my head around it22:50
prologicoh? hard time?22:52
prologichow can I help clear things up? :)22:52
c45yI've got the events being hooked and fired into a ring buffer that the web manages22:57
c45yI'm stuck on getting their type22:57
c45yneed to see if its a NICK or PRIVMSG22:57
prologicoh ic23:01
prologicthat’s easy :)23:01
prologicWhich btw (in Python) is just a convenience for:23:02
prologicwe use the class’s name as the name of the event23:02
prologicd’uh :)23:02
prologicBtw, was this not documented nicely anywhere?23:02
c45ynot really without getting into it too deep23:15
c45ythe tutorial is lacking a bit imo23:15
c45yknowing nothing about the structure and trying to jump in and get 'something' working was hard23:15
prologicDo we need another more realistic tutorial perhaps?23:19
prologici.e: How to build a simple web app?23:19
prologicor sometthing23:19
prologicAnd where would we document this “how to get the event’s name” is it enough to document in the API Docs or would you also like to see this in the “Users Manual"?23:20
prologicI’m sorta inclinced to document in bohth places23:20
prologicnot sure on the tutorial though if we need another one and what it should be based on23:20
prologicthe whole dog pound style tutorial is just a stupidly contriived example of circuits components and it’s message bus23:21
c45yYea it was mostly useless23:25
c45yI think a socket / network example would be better suited23:25
c45ywith sender/reciever or something23:25
c45ywith cross communication between the two23:25
prologichang on23:28
prologica socket server example23:28
prologicand a separate socker client example?23:28
prologici.e: a walk through of examples/ and examples/
prologicthe beauty here is that if we went through a walk through of examples/ it actually combbines two things23:29
prologicstdin + tcp client23:29
prologicso you have an idea there of how to combine things there23:29
prologicthe examples/ is well rather trivial23:29
prologicclass EchoServer(TCPServer0:23:29
prologic    def read(self, sock, data):23:29
prologic        return data23:29
prologicno seriously :)23:30
c45yyea actually23:37
c45ythat might be better to get this telnet example less hidden23:37
c45y    # Define a separate channel for this component so we don't clash with23:37
c45y    # the ``read`` event of the ``stdin`` component.23:37
c45yin particular I was missing23:38
prologic*nods* gotcha23:42
prologicso how about this23:42
prologicI write two new tutorials23:42
prologica walk through of writing an echo server23:42
prologicand a walk through of writing a telnet client23:42
c45yecho is trivial really23:43
c45ydef read:
prologicso no point in walking through it?23:46
c45yi think telnet would cover it23:47
c45yhmm broke my event handling :/23:47
c45yShould....@handler(event="Log", channel="irc_event")23:48
c45y            Log("*** {0:s} has left {1:s}".format(source[0], channel)),23:48
c45y            "irc_event"23:48
c45y        )23:48
prologicno event=23:48
prologicjust *names23:48
prologicso @handler(“Log”, …)23:48
c45yhmm docs say event= is available23:48
prologicthat should not be the case23:49
prologiclemme check the docs23:49
c45yOptionally, the method may have an additional first argument named event. If declared, the event object that caused the handler to be invoked is assigned to it.23:49
prologic@handler(“*names, **kwargs)23:49
prologicno event keyword argument there23:49
prologicthat’s talking about the actual event handler23:50
prologicnot the decorator23:50
c45yO i c23:50
prologicdef foo(self, event, *args, **kwargs):23:50
prologicwher eyou can capture the “actual event”23:50
c45yyea I gotcha now23:50
prologicand introspect it23:50
prologicis that not clear enough in that doc string?23:50
c45y"This module define the @handler decorator/function and the HandlesType type."23:50
c45ykinda made me think it was talking about @handler23:50
prologicI’ll review the docstrings for that module23:51
prologicand decorator23:51
prologictry to mke that a bit clearer23:51
prologicit’s basically talking about the difference between:23:51
prologicdef foo(self, *args, **kwargs):23:51
prologicdef foo(self, event, *args, **kwargs):23:51
prologicyou can decide if you need th event object or not23:51
prologicor just it’s data23:51
prologicsometimes having the event object is haandy in some use cases23:52
prologiclike logging23:52
prologicotherwise you don’t care and onyl want the data23:52
prologicI take all feedback rather seriously23:53
prologicso lemme know if we can imrpve the docs in any way23:53
prologicI’ll write up an issue for writing a new telnet tutorial23:53
c45yI think my lack of understanding is contributing a lot to my confusion23:53
c45yalso my brain after hours of reading a stupid concepts guideline23:54
c45yim using this as a break between modules in this book23:54
c45yperhaps not the greatest way to learn something :P23:54
prologicsorry what poor guidelines?23:55
prologicwhat book?23:55

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