IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-04-03

c45yoh event is always a subclass00:00
c45yif hasattr('opts', event) ?00:00
c45yI guess even uid, however other object can have that00:01
prologicyeah type checking won’t work I don’t think00:04
prologicbecause the type could be str00:04
prologicor Event instnace00:04
prologicso hence the if x and (x or (y and z)):00:05
prologicthe condition checks it’s instnace type and does an identity comparision of the event you’re interested in iif it is an instance of Event00:06
prologicotherwise assumes you didn’t care about which particular instnace just the named event00:06
prologicat least I’m trying to do this :)00:06
prologicOsso, c45y, spaceone: I’ve got it :)
prologicPerfect :)00:22
prologicThe tests passes and is correct00:22
prologicWithout the required change the test fails almost every single time00:22
prologicparalell processing is by design inherently unordered :)00:22
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Ossoprologic: I would just write07:51
Osso(event_object is None or event is event_object)07:51
prologicI think you're right07:53
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prologicmroning all21:43
c45yhey man21:43

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