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prologiclot of work :/05:51
prologicnamely because kdb's codebase is well umm old05:51
prologicunmaintained and a bit crappy05:51
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prologicwoot woot07:16
prologickdb is back07:16
prologicsort of :)07:16
prologiclots of porting still to do07:16
prologickdb, help07:16
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prologickdb, help07:20
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prologicc45y, you have inspired me to write kdb better07:47
prologicc45y, with better separation of components and better interfaces (events)07:48
prologickdb, help07:48
prologickdb, commands07:48
kdb<generator object callEvent at 0x29f0190>07:48
prologicalmost there07:48
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prologickdb, commands07:55
kdb<generator object callEvent at 0x176c500>07:55
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prologickdb, commands07:56
kdb<generator object callEvent at 0xe9d4b0>07:56
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prologichey LeuX11:36
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prologicmorn’n all21:40
ircnotifierc38adaa6b7af by prologic: Migrate to Releases for ChangeLog maintenance. Fixes Issue #7822:01
ircnotifier9537932c025e by prologic: Configure releases_document_name (See: -- See Issue #7822:01
ircnotifier21b802d7d956 by prologic: Merged with 9537932c025e22:01
prologicis your prototype ready for use yet? :)22:39
c45y_I haven't touched it all weekend22:42
prologicslakcer :)22:53
prologicjust kidding :)22:53
prologicwe’re down to only 7 issues for circuits 3.022:53
prologicI felt like knocking over half of them Fri night22:53
spaceonewhen do you want to release 3.0?22:54
prologicas soon as there are 0 issues22:55
prologicand the changelog has been updated appropriately22:55
prologichopefully in time for PyCon AU 201422:55
prologicand I’ve gotta do these slides too22:55
spaceoneyou've got a pyCon ticket?22:57
spaceonei heard they're sold out22:57
prologicthe dealine for cfp is 25th April22:57
prologicI’ve basically got 3 weeks to do these dlies and submit a proposal22:58
prologicPyCon AU22:58
c45y_which is in brisbane too, so no need to travel22:58
spaceonewhen is 3.1 release planned?22:59
prologicc45y_: you coming?23:00
prologicspaceone: one month after 3.023:00
c45y_prologic: still not sure23:00
prologicI’m going to update the Developer Docs soon23:00
c45y_depends on time really23:00
prologicthe plan is to roll out monthly releases23:01
spaceoneprologic: kidding?23:01
prologicnot kidding23:01
prologicif 3.1 is not ready by then23:01
c45y_How big will the updates be though?23:01
prologicit’ll be 3.0.123:01
c45y_new protocol a month, kgo!23:01
prologicwhatever can be fitted into the release23:01
prologicnormal scrum process23:01
c45y_grab other men and run forward?23:01
spaceonehmm, what advantage does it have?23:01
prologichisotirally we’ve done yearly releases23:02
c45y_just looks like he is trying to start the ball rolling on more active development23:02
spaceone(monthly updates are disturbing for users)23:02
prologicI want to get a bit more exposure of circuits in PyPi23:02
spaceonesee firefox23:02
prologicand blogs, etc23:02
prologicnot strict ofc23:02
c45y_monthly updates isn't the way to achieve that though23:02
prologicbut we can’t keep doing yearly releaess23:02
prologicit’s too long23:02
c45y_high profile projects using it are23:02
c45y_oh yea for sure23:02
c45y_but monthly may be a bit much23:02
spaceone6 month23:03
c45y_I would think on it23:03
prologicwell we can start with biannual releases23:03
prologicor quarterly releases23:03
pdurbinwhat's the pace for ubuntu and fedora? every 9 months?23:04
prologicproblem is it’s a rather trickty thing for software23:04
prologicespecially if you want to adhere to semntic versionining23:05
prologicyou can’t really didtate versioned releases by “time"23:05
prologicbut really by what API changes they affect23:05
prologicso after 3.0 is out23:05
prologicwe may have to bump to 4.0 (hopefully not)23:05
spaceonesome are releasing mayor.minor-patchlevel-GIT-rev23:05
prologicwe won’t be doing that ever :)23:06
prologicthat’s it23:06
spaceonehm? where do we change API?23:06
prologicwe did from 2.1.0 to 3.023:07
prologichence the 3.0 version bump23:07
prologicbut it’s unlikely this will change in future23:07
prologicso we’ll likely only see minor version bumps23:07
prologicanyway point is I want to start rolling more regular updates23:09
prologicnot yeraly23:09
prologicbut it doesn’t have to be monthly per say23:09
c45y_update every time you eat a block of cheese23:28
prologicwhat do you think?23:29
prologicthis is using the sphinx extension23:29
c45y_I think you run web servers on strange ports23:29
prologic8000 is taken :)23:29
c45y_oh yea23:30
c45y_looks reasonable23:30
c45y_I would almost cut it in half for 2 minors23:30
spaceone8000 8080 8090 9090 9000 908023:30
spaceoneall commonly known23:31
c45y_80 443 ;)23:31
prologicthat’s better23:31
c45y_many bugs23:32
prologicI wanted it all in one23:32
prologicso this looks good I think23:32
c45y_looks better this way23:32
prologic*nods* agreed23:32
prologicsorry you can’t see it spaceone23:32
c45y_serve_file dos?23:32
prologicour network is firewalled off23:32
prologicclick on the resepctive issue to find out more :)23:32
prologic@sapceone found/discovered this vulnterability23:32
c45y_reading it now23:32
prologicand I think I have a pretty nice fix for it too :)23:32
prologicwith some basic math23:33
c45y_is very detailed23:33
c45y_nice skull and crossbones too23:33
prologiclemme commit this and push it up23:33
c45y_Oh and it as a 4 on either side, like they mean 40423:33
prologicthe will be updated with this shortly23:33
c45y_That explains the bit about dead link23:33
prologicerr wait23:33
c45y_all of these links 404 for me23:33
prologicare the issue links 404’ing?23:33
prologicahh damn23:33
prologichang on23:33
prologicI screwed up the releases config23:34
c45y_too many hashtags on the dancefloor23:34
prologicI know what I did wrong23:34
prologicI copied this out of the issue tracker23:34
c45y_there there23:34
prologicbad copy ’n paste :)23:34
c45y_we can't all be twitter masters23:35
prologicwe have to change the workflow now23:35
prologicto include “update changelog"23:35
c45y_wget > todo.txt23:35
prologicif a PR doesn’t include an issue and an update ot eh chagnes23:35
prologicI’l reject it :)23:35
c45y_sed -e /#//g23:35
prologicstraight out :)23:35
prologicthere try that :)23:36
prologicmy vim mastery is much faster than sed at times :)23:36
ircnotifiera525a72c8942 by prologic: Updated Change Log23:37
spaceoneprologic: what are you working?23:38
prologicone sec, pushing it up for you to have a look23:39
prologicIssue #78 if you’re interested23:39
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic created Issue77 at b6437f6 (+0 new commits):
*** circuits_github has left #circuits ()23:39
prologichmm ooops23:41
prologicI suck :)23:41
prologicI gotta be more careful about deleting my local bookmarks23:41

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