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spaceone[Bug] #56: circuits.web HEAD request send response body web00:17
spaceone→ hmm, don't send00:18
spaceoneoh that are only issue titles00:18
ircnotifier3df3e994f8cc by prologic: Updated Change Log with issues that weren't properly reported and assigned to the circuits 3.0 milestone00:25
prologicspaceone: night :)00:25
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 2 new commits to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 29aaa3c James Mills: Updated Change Log00:26
circuits_githubcircuits/master fc8b1f8 James Mills: Updated Change Log with issues that weren't properly reported and assigned to the circuits 3.0 milestone00:26
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prologicc45y: lol :)01:11
prologicwhat’s the story behind your nick?01:11
prologicI’ve had “prologic” (or therealprologic if someone has stolen my handle — sometimes it’s me that stole it!) for over  a decoae now :)01:11
c45yI facerolled on an xbox controller when I was 1201:14
c45yI was playing red faction 2 at the time01:14
prologicso c45y means what exactly? :)01:19
c45yits a random jumble of numbers and letters01:19
c45yalso, http://obnivious:909001:19
prologicsorry what’s the fqdn again?01:28
prologicI’ll throw it in my search domains01:28
prologicwhat am I looking at here?01:32
c45ya web server spawning an ssh session and tailing it with websockets01:36
prologicimplemented in?01:42
c45ytornado sadly01:42
prologicahh really?01:42
prologiccode up anywhere?01:42
c45ymade it before I found circuits and it was all that did websockets01:42
prologicI’d be interested in the ssh protocol handling there01:42
prologiccircuits could need an ssh protocol implemtantion01:43
c45ysubprocess.Popen ;)01:43
prologicdid you read my blog post /rant?01:43
c45ytail subprocess.PIPE01:43
prologiccircuits could do that ;)01:43
c45yit could easily01:43
prologicokay nevermind :)01:43
prologicthat’s kinda trivial then the way youd escribe it01:43
c45yYea its a known problem01:44
c45ybut people like writing for their own little problem01:45
c45yand writing on the std is easy01:45
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 2 new commits to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master da76148 James Mills: Updated Road Map01:51
circuits_githubcircuits/master a391b0e James Mills: Bring back fab sync (use with care)01:51
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prologicit’s disappointing really for me01:52
prologicI wish moere developers were more aware and valued agnostic development a little more01:53
prologicwriting throw away code is never very useful01:53
prologiceven if you “think” it’s good reuse01:53
prologicyou’re WRONG01:53
c45yim a sysadmin, I always write throw away code :P01:53
prologicif you tie it hard against a framework01:53
prologicit’s not reuseable01:53
prologicwell yes we all have to occasionally01:53
c45yit's my entire job haha01:53
prologicbut I’m strictly speaking best practice software engineering here01:54
c45yoh yea for sure01:54
prologicreally in software development01:54
c45yalso poop redirection loop in auth :(01:54
c45yfak php01:54
prologic(because there is nothing better yet?)01:54
prologiconly functions (pure functions) re 100% ureusable01:54
prologiccircuits Component(s) are pretty close01:54
prologicbut far from perfect01:54
ircnotifierc09afcbb02ee by prologic: Updated Road Map02:01
ircnotifier5a2d9a789606 by prologic: Bring back fab sync (use with care)02:01
ircnotifierdc3f41716af1 by prologic: #circuits-dev IRC Channel is deprecated02:37
prologicedk: ping?03:17
ircnotifiera40af33a931d by prologic: Increase timeout whilst waiting for stopped event in (Fixing failing CI tests)03:24
prologictest still randomly fails03:28
prologicarggg ffs03:32
prologicif this keeps passing with -x -s -v options passed to py.test I’m going to scream :)03:32
prologicI give up :(03:36
ircnotifier1dc6704291d6 by prologic: Backed out changeset a40af33a931d -- Increasing the timeout seems to have no effect on the randomly failing ```` :/03:45
prologicc45y: let’s grab some coffee :)03:50
c45ytoday is not a good day, only just sitting down for lunch03:50
prologicahh kk nps :)03:50
prologicyeah I’m getting nothing done today :(03:50
prologictrying to get map tile indexes working03:51
prologicwith no joy :(03:51
c45yI'm getting lots done, but people keep adding to my list -__-03:51
prologicfortunaetly I don’t have that today03:51
prologicjust lots to do and well you know how it is03:51
prologicsome things (most things) are __NOT_ trivial to solve03:51
prologicif they were, no-one would need software engineers, developers or or system or network administrators!03:52
c45yI finally got the auth working03:52
c45yims screwed up -__-03:52
c45ynow i just need to hook a http header and check if the details validate03:53
prologickk cool03:54
prologicyou using the new ajaxy auth?03:54
prologicor still depending on shitty shiboleth?03:55
c45yapache module03:55
c45yscrew aaf03:55
c45yits actually good03:55
prologicso terribly useless03:55
prologicyou’re hard tied to ap ache03:55
c45yI already was03:55
prologicthat’s true03:55
prologicDoes ownCLoud even support nginx for eample?03:56
c45ybut the server team doesn't03:56
prologicSo where’s the hard requirement on Apache?03:56
prologicright :)03:56
c45yI had to fight to even get php5403:56
prologicone of those things03:56
c45ythey wanted us to use zend03:56
prologicoh good lord03:56
prologicthis is where I say03:56
prologicsoltuion: here’s a container03:56
prologicspni it up and go03:56
c45yits more patching wise that they care03:56
c45yI could use nginx, but I would have to support it / keep it updated03:57
c45yand tbh, I don't care enough to do that03:57
c45yI use nginx everywhere else03:57
prologicthat’s the problem though really isn’t it03:57
prologicoften tehre are too few developer resouces to give two hoots03:57
prologicso they pass responsibilities that should otherwise be that of developers03:57
prologicto sysadmins who really don’t care about software development03:57
prologicI use lighttpd myself outside of work03:58
prologicHaven’t really tried to use nginx in anything serious03:58
prologicbut they’re both async i/o high perforamcne web server frontends03:58
prologicwith good capabilities of both03:58
prologicI believe lighttpd is used by Trivial wars — an online MMPROG similar to Travian03:59
c45yI use nginx for reverse proxy, because everything I do is just running an internal port with gunicorn03:59
prologicso it scales as well as haproxy/nginx if not better03:59
prologicsame but with lighttpd03:59
c45ymany threads, handle it!03:59
prologicw00t w00t04:08
prologicI got it working :)04:08
prologicI love my work :)04:14
c45ymy crap just broke horribly04:15
prologicholy shit05:18
prologicit’s 3.15pm already05:18
prologicI’m leaving soon05:18
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prologicedk, heya07:33
prologicedk, just wondering where yo guys are at with (or not) using circuits for your project07:33
prologicedk, and if I can help in any way07:34
edkI haven't had time, had work and a busy weekend, not sure if barney's done much07:41
prologicahh k07:45
prologicwhy isn't he in here then :) hehe07:45
prologicall good07:45
prologicI'm all ears if you guys need any help07:45
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prologicmorn’n all22:50
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