IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-04-13

prologic_pdurbin, no it hasn't :) hehe00:52
prologic_I've only resurrected it recently (last couple of days/nights)00:52
prologic_but yeah it's back now :)00:52
prologic_and rock'n 'n roll'n :)00:52
prologichi robert_00:52
kdbUptime: 0+20:53:19 (CPU: 72.11s 0.10%)00:52
kdbErrors: 200:52
prologic@help ctcp00:56
kdbIRC CTCP Events Plugin00:56
kdb    This plugin provides responses to IRC CTCP Events and00:56
kdb    responds to them appropiately.00:56
kdb    NOTE: There are no commands for this plugin (yet).00:56
prologicpdurbin, it also has a web interface :)00:57
robert_how goes it?02:00
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kdbHey ninkotech05:19
kdbHey an_ony_moose05:19
kdbHey epicmuffin05:19
kdbHeya leux05:19
kdbHeya edk05:19
kdbYo fsx05:19
kdbHeya spaceone05:19
kdbHeya patx_05:19
kdbWelcome back robert_ :)05:19
kdbYo pdurbin05:19
kdbWelcome back irclogger_ :)05:19
kdbHody ircnotifier05:19
kdbHeya romster05:19
robert_prologic: hai.. again. :p05:30
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kdbHeya koobs05:31
kdbHi c45y05:31
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kdbHeya osso05:49
koobskdb: o/~06:07
kdbUnknown Command: o/~06:07
Romster@kdb weather portland victoria 330506:12
kdbUnknown Command: kdb06:12
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prologicheya realzies06:35
prologic@google portland victoria metar code06:35
kdbTotal results: 27206:35
kdbTop 4 hits:06:35
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologic@weather YMML06:38
kdbWeather report for Melbourne Airport, Australia (YMML) as of 2014-04-13 06:00:00Z06:38
kdbWeather: Scattered clouds06:38
kdbSky: partly cloudy06:38
kdbTemperature: 19.00 C / 66.00 F06:38
kdbHumidity: 59%06:38
kdbWind: 6.71 m/s [170 deg (S)]06:38
kdbPressure: 1019 hPa06:38
kdbDew: 11.000000 C / 51.000000 F06:38
prologicrobert_, I think that's your closest no?06:38
prologic@part #kdb06:39
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robert_prologic: hmm?07:10
robert_@weather PIE07:11
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for PIE: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:11
robert_@weather TPA07:11
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for TPA: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:11
robert_@weather TIA07:11
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for TIA: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:11
robert_you don't have 'states weather :p07:11
robert_@weather 3371407:11
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for 33714: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:11
robert_@weather KTPA07:12
kdbERROR: Unknown format code 'd' for object of type 'str': ('weather KTPA')07:12
robert_@weather KPSG07:13
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for KPSG: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:13
robert_@weather KSPG07:13
kdbWeather report for ST PETERSBURG WHITTED AIRPORT , FL, United States (KSPG) as of 2014-04-13 06:53:00Z07:14
kdbWeather: Clear sky07:14
kdbSky: clear07:14
kdbTemperature: 21.70 C / 71.10 F07:14
kdbHumidity: 78%07:14
kdbWind: 4.47 m/s [100 deg (E)]07:14
kdbPressure: 1019 hPa07:14
kdbDew: 17.800000 C / 64.000000 F07:14
robert_@weather KTAP07:14
kdbERROR: Could not get weather report for KTAP: HTTP Error 404: Not Found07:14
robert_@weather KTPA07:14
kdbERROR: Unknown format code 'd' for object of type 'str': ('weather KTPA')07:14
robert_:p **07:15
robert_it's 71F here?07:16
robert_Not bad.07:16
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kdbWelcome back edk :)07:18
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kdbHeya chanserv07:18
prologicrobert_, hehe07:34
prologicyeah it only knows about METAR gobal weather staiion codes07:35
prologicor at least that's the only service it looks up07:35
prologicif you know of any other useful services with nice AJAX or similar API(s) I could include those too :)07:35
kdbErrors: 407:35
prologicnot really sure those should be countered as errors07:36
prologicshould capture them a bit better07:36
kdbUptime: 1+3:36:45 (CPU: 95.44s 0.10%)07:36
Romster@google romster crux07:42
kdbTotal results: 1030007:42
kdbTop 4 hits:07:42
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
Romstermuch better07:42
Romsterhmm why did it link to that log file i'm mentioned everywhere in the logs07:43
Romsterheh and that log url is not found07:43
Romster%2523 #07:44
Romster i'm not even in that file... weird google.07:45
prologicwtf is %2523?07:52
prologicit should just be %2307:52
prologicapparently %25 is %07:53
prologic@reload google07:56
kdbUnloaded plugin: google07:56
kdbLoaded plugin: Google07:56
prologic@google james mills prologic07:56
kdbTotal results: 81507:56
kdbTop 4 hits:07:56
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologic@google romster crux07:56
kdbTotal results: 1030007:56
kdbTop 4 hits:07:56
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologicthat's better07:56
prologicnow that kdb is ported to circuits 3.0 and stable08:18
prologicI might think about integrating the codebases of ircnotifier and irclogger into kdb as pulgins08:19
Romsterah you fixed the html urlcode stuff cool08:25
Romsteri thought of that ages ago never told you though08:25
prologicI was just using the wrong key from the json result coming back from the google search ajax api08:25
prologicurl vs. unescapedUrl08:26
prologicall good08:26
Romsterthough its also probably nice to keep one seperate as an example of how to write a bot from scratch with circuits.08:26
Romsteras well as a module to kdb08:26
prologicthat's why there's examples/ircbot.py08:26
prologic@google circuits examples ircbot.py08:26
kdbTotal results: 59508:26
kdbTop 4 hits:08:26
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologic@google python circuits examples ircbot.py08:27
kdbTotal results: 14208:27
kdbTop 4 hits:08:27
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologicbah :)08:27
prologicif I'm going to integrate irclogger into kdb as a plugin08:27
prologicI would like to either find a better UI for it08:28
prologicfor viewing and searching logs08:28
prologicor implement one myself08:28
prologicbbs dinner time08:28
Romsteri'd like to see duckduckgo searches too.08:32
Romsteri use that as my primary search and if i want goodle i use the shebang !g08:32
Romsteroh a plugin i'd love to see is when one does a regex like that ^08:32
Romsterthe bot replies with08:33
RomsterRomster, meant to say: i use that as my primary search and if i want google i use the shebang !g08:33
Romsteri seen other bots do that.08:33
prologicyou could code one up :)08:58
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kdbWelcome back chanserv :)09:19
kdbWelcome back koobs :)09:19
kdbWelcome back c45y :)09:19
Romstermaybe i can but i'm working more on my version-sort10:12
Romster$ ./ --common-ext | ./ --show-stats --print-sorted --synchronous-debug |wgetpaste10:23
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterwhat do you think so far prologic ?10:23
prologicRomster, hmmm?10:56
prologicyou wrote and
prologicseems okay the output10:56
Romstera friend did, i gave him my bash stuff and the showed how i wanted it and he wrote that. he is too busy to contunue but i'm so far working on the rules myself for filtering.11:02
Romsteryou already know what i'll do with it.11:02
prologicanyway I'm off to bed11:09
prologicnope not tired yet11:24
kdbUptime: 1+7:25:31 (CPU: 109.85s 0.10%)11:24
prologicwhat shall I work on now11:25
prologic@load xmlrpc11:39
kdbCould not load plugin: XMLRPC Error: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object11:39
prologic@load xmlrpc11:40
kdbLoaded plugin: XMLRPC11:40
prologic10s ping from kdb11:41
prologic@jump rajaniemi.freenode.net11:41
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kdbEvents: 1766911:43
prologicwtf is wrong with FreeNode11:43
prologiceven ChanServ is responding slowly11:44
prologic@reload xmlrpc11:46
kdbUnloaded plugin: xmlrpc11:46
kdbLoaded plugin: XMLRPC11:46
prologic@load rmessage12:02
kdbLoaded plugin: RMessage12:02
prologic@reload xmlrpc12:02
kdbUnloaded plugin: xmlrpc12:03
kdbLoaded plugin: XMLRPC12:03
prologic@reload rmessages12:03
kdbPlugin rmessages is not loaded!12:03
prologic@load rmessage12:03
kdbPlugin rmessage already loaded!12:03
prologic@reload rmessage12:03
kdbUnloaded plugin: rmessage12:03
kdbLoaded plugin: RMessage12:03
prologic@reload rmessage12:04
kdbUnloaded plugin: rmessage12:04
kdbLoaded plugin: RMessage12:04
kdb<prologic@daisy> Test from daisy12:04
prologicf'n awesome12:04
Romsterthought you were going to bed <<12:08
prologicgot xmlrpc and remote messages going with kdb12:09
prologic@reload rmessage12:10
kdbUnloaded plugin: rmessage12:10
kdbLoaded plugin: RMessage12:10
kdbLast 5 Remote Messages:12:10
kdb 0: Test12:10
kdb 1: Test12:10
kdb 2: Test from daisy12:10
prologic@reload rmessage12:12
kdbUnloaded plugin: rmessage12:12
kdbLoaded plugin: RMessage12:12
kdbLast 5 Remote Messages:12:12
kdb 1: Test12:12
kdb 2: Test12:12
kdb 3: Test from daisy12:12
prologic@reload xmlrpc12:14
kdbUnloaded plugin: xmlrpc12:14
kdbLoaded plugin: XMLRPC12:14
kdb<prologic@daisy> Test from daisy12:14
prologic@load scmupdate12:24
kdbLoaded plugin: SCMUpdate12:24
kdb<prologic@daisy> test12:40
*** testkdb has joined #circuits12:48
kdbHi testkdb12:48
prologictestkdb, load broadcast12:48
testkdbLoaded plugin: Broadcast12:48
testkdbIRC: Online12:48
kdbIRC: Online12:48
kdbWeb: Online12:48
prologictestkdb, die12:48
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prologic@google slashdot rss feed13:30
kdbTotal results: 61300013:30
kdbTop 4 hits:13:30
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologic@load rss13:31
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: invalid syntax (, line 276)13:31
prologic@load rss13:32
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: 'return' with argument inside generator (, line 142)13:32
prologic@load rss13:33
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: No module named protocols.irc13:33
prologic@load rss13:36
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: No module named feedparser13:36
prologic@load rss13:37
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: cannot import name decodeHTML13:37
prologic@load rss13:40
kdbCould not load plugin: rss Error: invalid syntax (, line 74)13:40
prologic@load rss13:41
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:41
prologic@radd 513:41
kdbUnknown Command: radd13:42
prologic@reload rss13:42
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:42
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:42
prologic@radd 513:42
prologic@reload rss13:43
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:43
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:43
prologic@radd 513:43
prologic@reload rss13:44
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:44
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:44
prologic@radd 513:44
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed: An anonymous reader writes "The White House has joined the public debate about <>13:44
kdb * Why the IETF Isn't Working: An anonymous reader writes "Vidya Narayanan spent seven years working on the <>13:44
kdb * Titanfall</em> Dev Claims Xbox One Doesn't Need DX12 To Improve Performance: MojoKid writes: "One of the hot topics in the wake of Titanfall's launch has <>13:44
kdbERROR: Unknown format code 'd' for object of type 'float': ('rlist')13:44
prologic@reload rss13:45
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:45
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:45
kdbRSS Feeds ((u'prologic', u'~prologic', u'unaffiliated/prologic')):13:45
kdb 1. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 2mins)13:45
kdb 2. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 3mins)13:45
prologic@rdel 213:45
kdbFeed 2 deleted.13:46
kdbRSS Feeds ((u'prologic', u'~prologic', u'unaffiliated/prologic')):13:46
kdb 1. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 1mins)13:46
prologic@reload rss13:47
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:47
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:47
kdbERROR: sourceJoin() takes exactly 3 arguments (1 given): ('rlist')13:47
prologic@reload rss13:47
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:47
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:47
kdbUnknown Command: rlist13:47
prologic@load rss13:48
kdbPlugin rss already loaded!13:48
prologic@reload rss13:48
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:48
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:48
kdbRSS Feeds (prologic!~prologic@unaffiliated/prologic):13:48
kdb 1. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 0mins)13:48
pdurbinyeah, I think I would have noticed kdb13:48
prologic@reload rss13:49
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:49
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:49
prologichey pdurbin :)13:50
prologicyeah it's been a bit neglected for a long while13:50
pdurbinnot anymore, apparently13:50
prologicI thought it was about time to resurrect it in time for circuits 3.0 :)13:50
kdbUnknown Command: rlist13:50
prologic@load rss13:50
pdurbinoh? 3.0 is nigh?13:50
kdbPlugin rss already loaded!13:50
prologicvery nigh13:50
kdbUnknown Command: rlist13:50
prologic@commands rss13:51
kdbERROR: 'rss': ('commands rss')13:51
prologic@reload rss13:52
kdbUnloaded plugin: rss13:52
kdbLoaded plugin: RSS13:52
kdbNo feeds available.13:52
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * US Takes Out Gang That Used Zeus Malware To Steal Millions: coondoggie (973519) writes "The US Department of Justice charged nine members <>13:52
kdb * Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed: An anonymous reader writes "The White House has joined the public debate about <>13:52
kdb * Why the IETF Isn't Working: An anonymous reader writes "Vidya Narayanan spent seven years working on the <>13:52
kdbRSS Feeds (#circuits):13:53
kdb 1. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 59mins)13:53
prologicthat's better13:53
prologiccontextually aware rss feed plugin13:53
prologici.e: feeds per whoever asks for them13:53
prologicnow I guess we wain 2mins and see what blows up13:53
prologicor doesn't :)13:53
prologic@timer 5 boo13:54
kdbTimer set for 5s13:54
prologic@timer set 120 foobar13:59
kdbInvalid duration specified!13:59
prologic@timer 120 foobar13:59
kdbTimer set for 120s13:59
prologicthen again13:59
prologichow often does Slashdot see new articles :013:59
kdbEvents: 2174213:59
kdbTraffic: 58.25KB / 36.61KB (94.85KB)13:59
kdbRSS Feeds (#circuits):14:09
kdb 1. Slashdot ( (Next Update in 43mins)14:09
prologicbugger this I ain't waiting that long14:10
prologicI'm going to bed :)14:10
Romsteroh lol that update14:50
Romstercrawl --max_depth=5 --whitelist= |egrep '/download$'14:50
Romsterno results i was expecting a list of files.14:51
Romsterif i go into a directory with the files i get the result i want14:51
Romster$ crawl --max_depth=5 --whitelist= |egrep '/download$'14:51
RomsterQ: 439 F: 5 V: 5 L: 443
Romsteri get the file there but if i'm a directory above that i would like to collect all the files.14:52
Romsteris sourceforge doing something to prevent following urls.14:52
Romsterare the type of urls i'm trying to spider.14:53
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry: chicksdaddy (814965) writes "Given Apple's status as the world's most valuable <>14:53
prologicoh hey Romster14:55
prologicdid it update the feed? :)14:55
Romsteri see the14:55
Romster<kdb> RSS: Slashdot (
Romster<kdb>  * Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry: chicksdaddy (814965) writes "Given Apple's status as the world's most valuable <>14:55
Romsterbut you can probably see the backlog?14:56
Romsteryour spider is not following sourceforge urls like i need it too.14:56
prologichaving problems with my crawler?14:57
prologicare you giving the right options?14:57
Romsteryes you see the back log?14:57
prologichold on14:57
prologicthat's not a valid whitelist14:58
prologicwhitelist and blkaclist options takena python regex expression14:58
Romsteri noticed that.14:58
prologicand match is used14:58
prologicso you have to use exact regexes14:58
prologicI dno't recommend you try to restrict your crawl jst yet14:58
prologicfirst get a crawl working at all14:58
Romster--whitelist=".**" ?14:59
Romsterk i wont restrict just yet14:59
prologicis more valid14:59
prologicit has to be valid python regex :)14:59
Romstercrawl --max_depth=5 |egrep '/download$'14:59
prologictry without first14:59
prologicthen try whtie/black lists14:59
Romsterthat works as i need it14:59
prologicyou can specify a pattern of urls you want too15:00
Romsterbut if i do a directory before the version directories and try to collect them all it wont list any files.15:00
prologicmeaning you don't need to pipe it out to grep15:00
Romsteri was being lazy there15:00
prologicprobably because it's not linked?15:00
prologicit'll only find what links there are15:00
prologicfollow them15:01
prologicfind more links15:01
Romsterbut it shows such lines15:01
Romsterit just wont go into that directory and look15:01
prologicwhy max depth of 5?15:01
Romsteri just kept uping it to see when it might get to them files i was epecting a max depth of 1 to be enough15:02
prologicmax-depth means it'll stop following after the specified no.15:03
Romsteri realise that15:03
prologicyou want to remove this restriction too unless you absolutely know how deep things are ;)15:03
prologicspyda it far too flexible :)15:03
Romstercrawl --whitelist="^.*sourceforge\.net.*$" --pattern="/download$"
Romsternow that's taking forever :D15:05
prologicit takes a while to get right15:10
Romsterit got some exception but it was jsut crawling indeffently15:12
Romsterit's seriously flawed it wont crawl the links i want i know i arn't doing it wrong.15:13
prologicI doubt that it's flawd :)15:24
prologicmore like sourceforge is giving you a hard time15:24
prologicit also doesn't fake it's own identity either15:24
prologicso websites may (or may not) block the crawling15:24
prologicalso if you find a bug15:24
prologicreport it and I'll fix it :)15:24
prologicotherwise it's 100% unit tests15:24
Romstercrawl --max_depth=2 --whitelist="^.*sourceforge\.net.*$" --pattern="/download$"
Romsterno results i should have all them 1.2.3/file-1.2.3.tar.bz2/download files off that list.15:27
Romstermore spefficly */foo-1.2.3.tar.bz2 files off all them versioned directories15:27
Romsterand i get none15:27
Romsterit's not transversing them directories15:27
Romsterthem directories it's not even looking in them15:28
Romsterit should be going though all those.15:29
Romsterif i go thought them directories in the spider it lists the files.15:31
Romsteri'll mess with this later.15:38
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money: An anonymous reader writes "The GNOME Foundation is running out of money. The <>15:54
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Anyone Can Buy Google Glass April 15: An anonymous reader writes "Starting at 9 a.m. ET on April 15 anyone in the US <>16:55
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Private Keys Stolen Within Hours From Heartbleed OpenSSL Site: Billly Gates (198444) writes "It was reported when heartbleed was discovered <>18:57
*** robert_ has quit IRC19:15
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?: StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Over at Starts With A Bang, the weekly <>19:58
prologicRomster, if the website uses Javascript the bot won't be able to render the pages correctly19:59
prologicthat could be the problem perhaps19:59
Romsterthought of that but the it wouldn't list it in the output
Romsterall that would be missing20:02
Romsterit's there the spider refuses to go looking in them directories.20:02
Romsterif i use the spider in a directory it then shows the file.20:02
Romsterso some sort of parsing issue.20:03
prologicthat's my point though20:19
prologictry with elinks or curl20:20
prologicdo those directories even have valid hrefs?20:20
prologicif they don't the bot can't follow them20:20
prologicif they're like:20:20
prologic<a href="#dir1">dir1</a>20:20
prologicthere's nothing to follow20:20
prologicas that'll be a client-side only refereenacable lnik20:20
*** marky1991 has joined #circuits20:29
kdbHello marky199120:29
*** marky1991 has quit IRC20:30
*** marky1991 has joined #circuits20:30
*** marky1991 has quit IRC20:30
*** marky1991 has joined #circuits20:30
marky1991Has anyone here used the node module?20:32
marky1991I'm a liuttle confused by the example that uses it. In one example,, the code just registers the NodeServer with a Node. But in the node module, there's a NodeServer class (There's also a NodeClient class). Are you supposed to use Nodes or are you supposed to use the NodeServer/Client classes20:34
marky1991The server/client appear to just be wrappers anyway20:34
marky1991oops, the clienht is not a wrapper.20:35
marky1991Scratch the wrapper business. I just looked at the code and there is definietly unique functionality for them both. IO was misremembering what I saw previously20:36
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * Neil Gaiman Confirms Movie Talks For Sandman, American Gods: An anonymous reader writes "Neil Gaiman has confirmed that things are finally <>20:59
prologicmorn’n all21:35
prologichi marky199121:35
prologicwhat can I do for you?21:35
prologicmarky1991: circuits.node huh?21:36
prologicwhat’s your application use case for this?21:37
prologicI’d love to help you here :)21:37
prologicmainly because circuits.node sucks a little bit21:37
prologicand could do with some API-level improvements I think21:37
kdbRSS: Slashdot (
kdb * UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate: An anonymous reader writes "On the heels of a study that concluded there was <>22:00
ircnotifiercb003acf0e78 by prologic: Fixed RSS plugin22:38
ircnotifiera325da223fec by prologic: Preparing 0.0.9 Release22:38
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prologicenjoy :)22:40
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prologicreally? you got to be kidding me22:42
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kdbErrors: 1522:42
kdbErrors: 1522:42
prologicstrange command stats22:43
prologicread has been used over 400 times22:43
prologicI don’t beieve it22:43
prologicI think the read event of underlying socket is getting mixed in there :/22:43
marky1991hey prologic.22:44
marky1991I'm trying to make a simple networked game22:44
prologicOh how stupid of me22:44
prologicthat’s gong to capture and listen to the underlying socket read events too22:45
marky1991What's a node meant to be used for in the curent design of circuits.node?22:45
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prologicthat’s better22:46
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prologichi marky199122:48
marky1991hey prologic22:48
prologicright now circuits.node is sort of a server/client bridge between two remote or local circuits apps/systems22:48
marky1991Right. That's how I'm trying to use it22:48
prologicit was my great hope to abstract this to a  point where you can simply just:22:48
prologicbut the API(s) aren’t quite there yet22:48
prologicIt _does_ work however in it’s current form22:48
prologicJust not as well as I’d like22:48
prologicI want to support other transports at least22:49
prologicUDP, TCP, UNIX Pipes, etc22:49
marky1991So is a good representative of how the API is intended to be used?22:49
prologicthen maybe even make RabbitMQ a transparent transport as well22:49
prologiclet me have a look22:49
marky1991Right now I tried using NodeServer and Nodeclient, bnuit it's only working when the client and server are on the same machine22:50
prologicso no, not quite22:50
prologicthe Server/Client implemtantions are meant ot be transparent to hte user/developer (you)22:50
prologicThe idea is to “bind” a Node22:51
prologicor not22:51
prologicall the API-level functionality should be just in Node() itself22:51
prologicso if we were to support otehr transports for example22:51
prologicI’d expect this:22:51
prologicThe examples nodeserver.py22:52
prologicand hello_node.py22:52
prologicshould be good examples ot use/follow right now22:52
prologicBut please! If you can contribute to circuits22:52
prologicthis would be a wonderful way to do so :)22:52
prologici.e: improve circuits.node22:52
marky1991and to confirm, the node module is intended to work across the network, correct?22:52
prologicat the very least add in the ability to use other transports like I described above22:52
marky1991Okay, excellent.22:53
prologicwe should at least support these three right now22:53
prologicbut for now it only assumes and supports tcp22:53
marky1991For my purposes, trhat will be fine22:53
prologicthe bind parameter should grow support to parse <type>://<bind>:<port>22:53
marky1991I'll think about contributing to the node modyule22:53
prologicgreatly appreciate it if you did :)22:53
marky1991I tried contributing to circuits a couple of yearts back22:53
marky1991Back before windows and python 3 was properly supported22:54
marky1991Hopefully it'll go better this time22:54
prologicI don’t quite remember you :)22:54
prologicwhat did you try to contribute?22:54
marky1991yeah, it was a while back22:54
prologicmaybe you’re in the hg churn logs :)22:54
prologicwe’re nearly ready to release 3.022:54
prologicvery exciting22:54
marky1991I just tred to make it properly support windows22:54
marky1991anyway, i need to go22:54
marky1991io'll be back when i hgave more questions22:55
prologiccya around22:55
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prologicc45y: ping?23:52
pdurbinwow, suddenly I'm aware of what's on slashdot again23:57

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