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prologic@load 9013e13aeccd3b43166a179539343ee59d8ce79100:00
kdbCould not load plugin: 9013e13aeccd3b43166a179539343ee59d8ce791 Error: Attempted relative import in non-package00:00
prologic@rplugins add
kdbRemote Plugin (0b22ae1245d6e6398af56620ec8ff98f689c3dfe) pending authorization.00:01
prologic@load 0b22ae1245d6e6398af56620ec8ff98f689c3dfe00:02
kdbLoaded plugin: Hello00:02
kdbHello World!00:02
kdbHello World!00:02
prologic@unload 0b22ae1245d6e6398af56620ec8ff98f689c3dfe00:02
kdbPlugin 0b22ae1245d6e6398af56620ec8ff98f689c3dfe is not loaded!00:02
kdbHello World!00:02
kdbHello World!00:02
prologicguess I’ll have to fix that inconsitent internal state00:02
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kdbHeya qwebirc7297800:07
qwebirc72978prologic, aqre you on?00:08
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kdbHello marky199100:09
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prologicI am00:10
prologicalways online :)00:10
kdbUptime: 0+3:9:56 (CPU: 11.78s 0.10%)00:11
prologicc45y: ping?02:09
c45yonly just got a chance to sit down at my desk02:55
c45yAnd I have 1 hour before next meeeting02:55
c45ywhats up?02:55
prologicc45y: oh :)03:21
prologicjust wondering where you’re been all day03:21
prologicbusy i see :)03:21
prologicwas going to see if you wanted to have lunch, etc03:21
prologicbut I just got back from that03:21
prologicalso I’ve implemented remote plugins as I said03:22
c45yI just got stolen by a contractor03:35
c45yI've managed to have 10 minutes of my lunch break03:36
c45yand have a meeting in 15 minutes03:36
c45yIM HUNGRY03:36
c45ygo away life03:36
prologicyou _are_ entitled to your lunch break03:38
c45yI am aware03:54
c45yhowever, I also need to attend these meetings03:54
c45yAnd I cannot do both at the same time03:55
c45yI'll just leave a bit early03:55
prologic@eval 60*1503:59
prologickdb: uptime03:59
kdbUptime: 0+6:59:46 (CPU: 25.38s 0.10%)04:01
kdbUptime: 0+6:59:46 (CPU: 25.38s 0.10%)04:01
prologicoh geez christ04:02
prologicwtf is with FreeNode04:02
kdbAll available commands: load rehash unload unregister reload plugins unregister google uptime errors unregister graph inspect mstats version nstats events cstats unregister info commands help unregister rplugins unregister status unregister rlog unregister channels part join unregister host resolve unregister weather unregister timer unregister sum eval unregister beat itime status quit unregister die ircinfo jump nick unregister say hello04:12
ircnotifierd8ad38ef8f21 by prologic: Remove the implicit default unregister event handler from all components.04:27
ircnotifier5631bfb9e442 by prologic: Remove the unregister() event class as well04:27
ircnotifier67aa7ff70c50 by prologic: Fix broken
ircnotifierd12b50a40744 by prologic: Code cleanup04:27
ircnotifier98b94dda6281 by prologic: Fixed formatting of errors in Debugger for the error type04:27
ircnotifierdaa5acc26cc6 by prologic: Updated Developer Docs. Fixes Issue #9504:34
ircnotifier0449eec7ea61 by prologic: Modified the circuits.web Logger to use the response_success event. Fixes Issue #9404:34
ircnotifierfccf4d76fb46 by prologic: Documented Development Standards we use and should be using04:34
ircnotifiereb2762293b52 by prologic: Merged with fccf4d76fb4604:34
ircnotifier792bea1482f2 by prologic: Merged with 0449eec7ea6104:34
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic created Issue94 at 45fe299 (+0 new commits):
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kdbYo circuits_github04:35
prologicmarky1991: you pinged me earlier?05:47
prologicwhat a day08:18
prologicc45y, you around?08:18
Romsterprologic, now that's what i wanted.08:30
Romsterseems it /does/ take forever to get to the directories i am interested in. is there any way to restrict the indexing more to speed it up?08:31
prologicnot really08:35
prologiconly with blacklist/whitelist of urls to follow08:35
prologicproblem is it still has to a) parse the document and b) decide what to do08:35
prologicthe real problem is:08:35
prologicno async i/o or multiprocessing08:35
prologicI did have a sort of half working circuits prototype working08:35
prologicbut it wasn't quite prefect so I abanonded08:36
prologicbut it was orders of matnitude faster08:36
prologicperhaps I'll try to write a new crawler in circuits again when I have the energy/time08:36
Romster with --head 108:37
prologicor you could have a go at writing one in circuits08:38
prologicyou'd need to use circuits.web.client08:38
Romstersee what i'm getting at, i'll be constantly polling sites of files for Pkgfile projects. auto download the files test the sums/signatures off the site and build ports in docker when i get that far.08:38
prologicand circuits.Worker for parsing08:38
prologicit's not all that hard08:38
prologicyes well that's one thing circuits is good at really08:38
prologicif you want to setup a daemon that pols things on regular intervals08:38
prologicdo some "work"08:38
prologicand so forth08:38
Romsterand i'm going to collect urls that pass off mirrors to add to meta4 files.08:38
prologiclook at the way kdb's redesign has taken place08:39
Romsteryep there will be lots of opportunity for events in what i am doing.08:39
prologicalmost every aspect of it is completely asynchronous and event-driven and extensible via events08:39
prologicspeaking of which08:39
Romsterand i like your event circuits framework08:39
prologicyou can now add plugins to kdb remotely08:40
Romstersaw that.08:40
prologicvia any gist or raw pastebin or codepad like service08:40
prologicrplugins add <url>08:40
prologicof course it requires authorization08:40
Romsterya know i don't think any bot or service has ever had that feature.08:40
prologicof which I only know the authorization password at this time :)08:40
prologicyou should try it out08:40
prologicwrite a quick plugin to see what it's like :)08:41
Romsterbut you'd got to be super careful on any possible bugs to get around the security.08:41
Romsterat some point i want to setup kdb as well to notify when new versions are out and success failure of building the Pkgfiles08:41
Romsteralso with this filter-tool i can also keep like the last 3 versions of files to clean up08:42
Romsterstill need to figure out different major versons like keeping 3.1.2 and 4.1.408:43
prologicyou already can08:44
prologicdocker run -i -t prologic/kdb08:44
Romsterwell head 3 will show the last 3 lines i could add in a major 3 or something to keep the last 3 1.2.3 2.3.4 and 3.4.508:45
Romsteryeah i know kdb is ready08:45
Romsterwhen i get that far that i have a working searchable database i want to docer it all and put it up for versionsort.com08:46
Romsterthat is my goal08:46
Romsteri don't beleave anyone has done exactly what i am doing. mirror brains comes close to the file distrobution meta4 generation, last version stuff exists for windows but not for linux08:46
Romsterrss feeds for packagers to listen to there project versions.08:47
Romsteri know there is mailing lists and everything but not one central site that offers this.08:48
Romsterso here i am hoping to make a mark on the net.08:48
Romsterand help everyone out.08:48
Romsteri could have circuits fire off that spider to do its thing and return the results as i'm doing other stuff and stagger checking all the projects so i'm not running it all in one hit but spread out over a 24 hour day.08:50
Romsterand make the filter-tool work with circuits as a module.08:51
Romsterreal question is am i crazy doing something this big08:52
Romsteri've been dabbling with all the possibilities and what is worth doing for a number of years08:52
Romsteri might mess with pastebin on kdb later on.08:56
Romsterright now i'm in to getting my pet project functional08:56
Romsterprologic, i can issue multiple -p options to crawl? or can i add the exta regexs by (a|b)10:14
prologicRomster, yes10:31
Romsteri just used .*tar.* for now instead of messing with regex on .tar.gz .tar.Z .tgz .tar.bz2 .tbz2 .tbz .tar.lzma .tar.xz .zip .bin .rpm .deb10:32
Romstertrying another site see how this goes.10:33
kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather swatch web eval timers rplugins irc hello10:35
kdbHello World!10:36
kdbHello World!10:36
Romsterswatch time?10:36
Romsterif there is any way to speed up crawl be even having 4 threads doing different queries to a server over a concurrent tcp connection, that would be nice.10:38
Romsternever thought this spider be this slow.10:38
Romsterlike it's nearly hit 2000 queries10:38
Romsteri guess what i really need todo is specify what i am looking for on the first level so it can transverse those only, that would be tons faster.10:40
Romsternot just the actual results i want to find but a regex of directories/urls to whitelist.10:41
Romsterand i see how you do it blacklist everything only allow what to look for. hmm i think i can speed this up10:45
prologicyeah sorry about that10:45
prologicit _is_ slow10:45
prologicth only sensible way to fix it is like I said10:45
prologicasync + multiprocessing10:45
prologicbut it's design does work10:45
Romsterwell i see a possible speed up with just making the whitelist instead of just whitelisting for files but the actual directories i am interested10:46
Romster-w "^http\:\/\/gstreamer\.freedesktop\.org/src/.*/[0-9.]*.*$"10:54
Romsterwould that work?10:54
Romsterlooks like it will10:55
prologicglad you're finally finding it useful10:57
prologicit's been used to traverse and crawl many 10's of thousands of links where I work10:57
prologicwhich we then use to ingest as data sources10:57
Romsteri've messed with xml2 and curl and tidy and heaps of stuff but noting was 100% acurate.10:58
Romsteri know how difficult a spider is10:58
Romsteri could so use this in my project.10:58
Romsteryou do need to make a exception for the times where beatufalsoup fails to return a result so it, just fail logs to stderr that a url failed to parse. than this excemption i keep seeing10:59
RomsterFile "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyda/", line 114, in crawl10:59
Romstercannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects11:00
Romstersome sort of check and stderr the url that failed to parse.11:00
prologicyou can ignore the errors11:01
prologicI believe found links go to stdout11:01
prologicwhilst errors to stderr11:01
prologicso you can filter the stderr to /dev/null if you wish11:02
prologicotherwise you can also use spyda as a library11:02
prologicfrom spyder.crawler import crawl11:02
Romsteryeah it does it just looks ugle how it spews this out to the terminal when you pipe stdout to a file11:02
prologicresults = crawl(...)11:02
Romsteroh really hmm11:02
prologicyes really11:03
prologicdon't forget there is also extract11:03
Romsteri could modify lsurl to do extra processing.11:03
prologicused for extraction bits of data out of html/xml documents11:03
Romsteruh not looked at them other 2 commands11:03
prologicusing css selectors11:03
prologicalso a cli tool and library11:03
prologicand match11:03
prologicbut match is used to match a set of data with another set of data using difflib algos11:03
prologicfor close matching11:03
Romsterisn't the css selectors the dom object11:03
prologicprobably not useful for you11:03
prologicor maybe it is? for matching versions? :)11:03
prologicextract uses lxml + cssselect11:04
prologicso you can use css seelctors to actually extract parts of the doumcne tout11:04
Romsteri was already dicking around with lxml2 for ages that is a great tool but i never used cssselect11:04
prologicspyda == crawl, extract, match11:05
Romsteri'll keep that in mind i might find a use for that too11:05
prologicit's 3 tools/libs in one11:05
Romsternice at some point i want version sort as a lib and a tool and i'd have a final top level tool that does nearly everything11:06
Romsterand the sorting filtering parts in there own libraries11:07
Romsteras i can see some of the libraries of these tools will find there way into other projects11:08
prologichmm so much reading to do11:11
prologicin real-time collaboration web based systems11:12
prologickdb, read all this crap for me11:14
kdbUnknown Command: read11:14
prologickdb learn to read11:14
kdbUnknown Command: learn11:14
Romsterhmm the spider isn't hitting all them fancy index urls?11:26
RomsterNameLast modifiedSizeDescription11:26
Romsterhehe kdb11:27
Romstercrawl -b ".*" -w "^http\:\/\/gstreamer\.freedesktop\.org/src/.*$" -w ".*/.*tar.*$" -p "^.*tar.*$" > urls_gstreamer_new11:27
pdurbinprologic: bot goes offline silently · Issue #10 · shaunagm/oh-irc-bot -
Romsteri run that for a bit then ctrl^c11:27
Romsterand it takes forever to look though
Romsterand it's only like 2 levels deep hmm11:28
Romsterhttp\:\/\/gstreamer\.freedesktop\.org/src/ from tat base url i'm only looking at most 2 levels deep right? i'm ignoring the .*/.*/pre directories for this example11:31
Romsteri don't think it works as i expect11:32
prologicpdurbin, thanks :)11:33
Romsteri mean i'm looking one level deep 2 tops and yet at that low depth i get no results.11:42
Romstertakes forever to resolve what i'm after. what is it possibly following?11:42
Romsteror is it even downloading every tar file to try and follow that?11:43
Romsteri added -b "/?C.*" after the -w to block out the fancy indexing urls.11:43
Romsterthis algorithm is really inefficient.11:44
Romsteri can understand taking this long on 10,000 of thousands of links but this is about max of 200 links at a depth of 2.11:44
Romsterprologic, look at this less than 1 second
Romstercrawl -b ".*" -w "^http\:\/\/gstreamer\.freedesktop\.org/src/gst-libav/.*$" -b "/?C.*" -p "^.*tar.*$" > urls_gstreamer_new11:52
Romsterstill running minutes later11:52
Romstereven if i set a depth to 1 it wont show results.11:52
Romsteror 2 for that matter11:52
Romsteri still think there is some bug in the algorithm11:53
Romsteror i'm using it wrong.11:53
Romsteri have a feeling the crawling is starting at and not at
Romsterlooks at -v12:04
Romsterdoes spider it all fast then it hits12:04
Romster  (P):
Romster  (W):
Romster200 OK application/x-md5 60 0
Romsterah this is it it's reading the md5 file so far...12:05
Romstermime type application/x-md512:06
Romsterwonder what else it will try to read.12:06
Romsterand the huge wait is probably from BeautifulSoup timing out?12:07
pdurbinprologic: thanks for the comments12:14
prologicheh nps ;)12:14
Romsterprologic, how do i restrict the mime type of what the spider parses?12:14
Romsterit's skipping the tar archives but it's going over gst-libav-0.11.90.tar.bz2.md5 and gst-libav-1.0.0.tar.xz.sha256sum12:15
Romsterso like 2 seconds i got what i want with -v but then it sits there trying all them files.12:16
Romsteradding a -b "\.md5$" -b "\.sha256sum$" does not skip them either.12:17
Romstermy guess is you decided to just skip archives when spidering12:17
Romsterthan to only follow directories and html xml php other dynamic pages.12:18
prologicno support for that12:20
Romstercould something be done please if it's not too much effort it's a serious slow down.12:21
Romsteri installed with pip i got lazy any easy way to update to a dev release or i could just patch if you pastebin what i need to change.12:22
Romsterbut your highly busy so maybe i should try and see if i can implement this myself12:22
prologicI'm not sure what you want yet12:30
Romsterit's trying to index non html files that contain sums of files. how do i prevent this.12:30
Romsterthat's what is causing the massive amount of excepts and slow downs.12:31
Romsteri'm surprised you never noticed this yourself on your live searches.12:32
Romsteri'm only after looking though text/html12:32
Romstertwo problems 1) avoid looking though index sorting ?C=S;O=A stuff 2) avoid looking at mime types that do not contain html/xml/xhtml etc.12:35
Romster200 OK text/html;charset=UTF-8 758 5;O=D12:40
prologicsomeone test this with me :)12:40
Romsteryeah it's hammering all them too.12:41
Romsterok so what do i do on that page prologic12:41
Romsteradd something and others edit too?12:41
prologicpretty cool12:42
Romsterthat is neat12:43
prologicoh is it trying to parse links from binary files12:43
prologicor other non-html files?12:43
Romsterpretty much but the sha256sum and md5 sum files.12:59
Romsterand it takes like 15 seconds on each file.12:59
Romsternow add in like 50 of these files it's minutes later.12:59
prologicfile an issue13:09
prologicI'll see about fixing it soon13:09
prologicon that note though I'm off to bed13:09
prologicRomster, ping?13:15
prologictry this out13:15
prologicrunnong on my desktop here :)13:15
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Romsterthanks prologic13:31
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ircnotifier55f0034c3a09 by prologic: Removed erroneous file14:14
ircnotifierce40e4b731ee by prologic: Updated requirements and Dockerfile14:14
ircnotifier7fb26d575e65 by prologic: Fixed missing html2text and aspell-en dependency.14:14
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ircnotifiere884999afca4 by prologic: Re-fix sample config with rplugins password14:16
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ircnotifierdc729561d25d by prologic: Updated README14:44
ircnotifier317b71e00498 by prologic: Preparing 0.1.0 Release14:44
ircnotifier0a25b371e79c by prologic: Added tag 0.1.0 for changeset 317b71e0049814:44
ircnotifier7702f2cabfaa by prologic: Updated API Docs14:44
ircnotifier1079b8a51f85 by prologic: Fixed version14:44
ircnotifierc16fe95fc0b1 by prologic: Try to fix publishing docs14:44
ircnotifier84938e6da246 by prologic: Added wheel to dev requirements14:44
ircnotifier2bdd954b9aa1 by prologic: Removed tag 0.1.014:44
ircnotifierb1845cc3bc20 by prologic: Added tag 1.0.0 for changeset 2bdd954b9aa114:44
ircnotifier3455010e7371 by prologic: Preparing 1.0.1 Development14:44
ircnotifier981db59a5d19 by prologic: Fixed link to Docker14:46
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kdbHi romster15:29
*** tpelka has joined #circuits16:35
kdbHi tpelka16:35
*** jpenny has joined #circuits17:15
kdbYo jpenny17:15
jpennyCan someone  tell me how to integrate a Timer into a circuits.web application?17:18
tpelkaHi all, is it possible to detect timeout in IRC plugin?17:31
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prologichi jpenny19:59
prologichang around we'll be with you soon19:59
prologicjust having breakfast and getting ready to catch the bus to work :)19:59
prologichi tpelka20:00
prologictpelka, what sort of timeout?20:00
prologiccircuits has timers20:00
prologicnot sure what you mean exactly :)20:00
prologicjpenny, what are you hoping the Timer() does?20:00
prologicby it's very nature Timer() and a circuits.web Request/Response don't go well together20:01
prologicRequest/response is synchronous20:01
prologicwhilst Timer() is completely asynchrnous20:01
prologicyou'd have to use WebSockets20:01
prologicor hold the Response open20:01
prologicbut in any case it's easy in general20:01
prologicTimer(event, channel).register(self)20:02
prologicyou can attach it to the Controller you're in for instnace - doesn't matter20:02
prologicerr wait20:02
prologicTimer(interval, event, *channels, **kwargs).register(...)20:02
jpennyI really want an SSE server (not websockets).  But I need a periodic timeout event.20:03
jpennyOK, thanks for the above, will look.20:03
prologican SSE?20:03
jpennyEvensource, aka server sent events20:03
prologichmm i see20:03
prologicyes so as I said20:03
prologicyou'll have to hold the response open20:03 = True20:03
prologicit's all possible20:04
prologicbut you'll have to design how that all works :)20:04
prologicthere is an example of this20:04
jpennyOK, thanks20:04
tpelkaprologic, I mean for IRC, when user disconnected by timeout20:05
jpennyBTW, there is a lot of breakage in the examples.  I suspect this is mostly redesign.  But, more seriously, the telnet tutorial does not run.20:07
prologictpelka, there's no difference20:09
prologictpelka, you'll get a disconnected() event20:09
prologictpelka, or an error() event20:10
prologiceither way you'll get a disconnect() event20:10
prologicjpenny, url?20:11
prologicjust checking to make sure you're using circuits 3.020:11
prologicand not 2.1.020:11
prologicin fact I seem to recall someone here the other day was saying they were using 2.1.0 :(20:11
prologicplease ensure you:20:11
prologicpip install circuits==3.0.0.dev20:11
prologicideally (since 3.0 isn't out yet)20:11
prologicpip install hg+
prologic is the latest stable upcoming 3.0 codebase20:12
prologicIf you are using 2.1.0 from PyPi for whatever reason, it is not supported and is far too old20:12
jpennyOK, I think I installed from pyPi, reinstalling.....20:13
prologicYeah :)20:14
prologicSorry about that!20:14
tpelkaprologic, diconnect make sense20:14
jpennyNo problem.20:14
prologiceven though I put circuits up on PyPi20:14
prologicfor some reason pip install circuits20:14
prologicstill gets you 2.1.020:14
prologicso yeah20:14
prologicbest if you install the dev version from our repo20:14
prologictpelka, disconnect() - yeah :)20:14
prologictpelka, watch the events via Debugger()20:14
prologicit's truly entertaining :)20:15
prologicAlso the telnet tutorial _does_ and _should_ work20:15
prologicBut not again 2.1.0 :)20:15
prologicok bbs (at work) gotta catch my bs20:16
jpennySorry to bother you with bad version.20:22
kdbUnknown Command:20:31
prologicjppwnny its no problems at all!20:32
prologicdamn tablet!20:32
kdbUptime: 0+6:36:37 (CPU: 24.46s 0.10%)20:53
kdbNo errors20:54
kdbCommand Stats: ~=0 Total: 3 Top 5: uptime:1 errors:1 cstats:120:54
prologicI should write a swarm plugin to swarm across the network but at most one instance ever responds20:57
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prologicmorn’n all21:44
kdbIRC: Online21:47
kdbWeb: Online21:47
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kdbYo kdb_22:16
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kdbIRC: Online22:24
kdbWeb: Online22:24
ircnotifiere0589ccbef27 by prologic: Fixed web plugin22:24
ircnotifiere118fb32bcf6 by prologic: Updated Docker run command in README22:24
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kdbWeb: Online22:49
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c45y@load sys22:50
kdbCould not load plugin: sys Error: reload() argument must be module22:50
prologicyou’ve been through that :)22:52
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ircnotifier5aeed79c2298 by prologic: Fixed Web Plugin23:00
ircnotifiereaa136aecc2e by prologic: Preparing 1.0.1 Release23:00
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c45yshould call it application architecture support bot23:02
c45ywait, thats not a.s.s.23:02
c45yI give up making jokes23:02
prologic@nick aasb23:03
c45y@nick ProServ23:03
prologicaasb: uptime23:03
aasbUptime: 0+0:2:42 (CPU: 0.49s 0.30%)23:03
prologicno it does know who it is23:03
aasbI am aasb!kdb@bbc98bb750b6 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.323:03
c45yits prohibited by freenode23:03
prologicyeah :)23:03
c45y@nick drugsbot23:04
prologicI was like wait a sec23:04
prologicanother bug23:04
prologicthat’s impossible :)23:04
c45yhmm, drugs is only disabled for channels then23:04
prologicdon’t get it Klined ;)23:04
c45y@nick beginnerlogic23:04
c45yim trying!23:04
prologiccan I at leave move it off my home dsl connection? :)23:04
prologicif you’re “going to try” :)23:04
c45ynah I'm done23:04
prologictry to break it instead :)23:05
prologicit has irc, xmlrpc and web interfaces23:05
c45ysome other time, sure23:05
prologicchicken :)23:05
c45yI only have half a day to get something done23:05
prologicjust kidding :)23:05
c45yheading out to qut today23:05
prologichalf a day is that all?23:05
prologicso thatls umm23:05
prologic20 lines of new code? :)23:05
c45yleaving at 12 for a meeting with AAF manager23:05
c45yshould be interesting23:06
prologicyeah that’s gonna be a big feature23:06
c45y"We stopped using AAF because it sucks"23:06
c45ytechnically speaking23:06
prologicof course23:06
prologicyeah be sure to mention that their API(s) suck23:06
prologicand that it should be a lot easier than it is23:06
c45yI can't decide if its a waste of time or a good idea23:06
c45yYep for sure23:06
prologicor better yet23:06
c45ypingfederate adapters are so much easier23:06
prologicconvince the guy thtat they should implement OpenID23:06
prologicor something more open and standard23:06
c45ysaml is the standard23:07
prologicinstead of this Shibboleth crap23:07
prologicor SAML23:07
c45yI have no problem with that23:07
c45ybut their setup is ass23:07
prologicOpenID would be better23:07
prologicmore libraries and tools for it23:07
c45yI like saml better23:07
c45yopenid is going to die before too long23:07
c45ythats my view anyway23:07
prologic@google python saml23:07
beginnerlogicTotal results: 1190023:07
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c45ysaml is not as easy as openid23:08
c45ybut has more features imo23:08
c45y@google saml vs openid23:09
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prologichard to say I guess23:09
prologicdunno about the state of open auth/id (not openid specifically)23:09
c45yoauth then23:09
c45yopenid is the wrong word to be using sorry23:09
prologicfrom what I’m reading I don’t get the impression OpenID is going way anytime soon23:11
prologicthey are two perfectly valid and good approahces to the problem23:11
prologicSo you’re correcting your statement to23:11
c45ythe problem is not big enough to need 2 approaches23:11
prologic“OAuth is dying”?23:11
prologicOh no I disagree23:12
prologicI think it is a) big enough23:12
c45yI'm not sure what im saying anymore23:12
prologicand b) more solutions are always a good thing23:12
prologicI’ll have to dig into SAML a bit more though ymyself23:12
prologicdon’t know terribly much about it23:12
prologicI know more about OpenID23:12
c45yits nearly the same as openid/oauth23:12
c45yjust single logout, and the trust is set up before the connection23:13
c45yI trust griffith SSO, so I know to believe things it tells me23:13
c45yif it was openid I couldn't really verify what it was saying was correct23:13
c45yso I would have to verify details on my own23:13
prologicwell yes I agree23:15
prologicSAML is a bit different in that respect23:15
prologicwhere you can verify other emtadata about the authenticateee23:15
c45ybest way to describe it to me is it is 'enterprise'23:15
prologicwhereas not so easy to do with OpenID23:15
prologicthe information could be false23:15
prologicyeah funny though the whole term “enterpsie” means absolutely nothing to me23:16
prologicit’s become so over used23:16
prologiclike “cloud"23:16
prologicgrlorrifed remote data storage23:16
c45yIt has single logout, inherent trust and support by major idp's23:16
*** kdb has joined #circuits23:38
beginnerlogicHello kdb23:38
prologicc45y: there ya go :)23:39
prologicI’ve spun up another kdb on my SG1 server :)23:39
*** jpenny has quit IRC23:50
*** jpenny has joined #circuits23:52
beginnerlogicYo jpenny23:52
prologichi again jpenny23:56
prologickdb: nick kdb223:56
prologicbeginnerlogic: nick kdb23:56
kdbIRC: Online23:56
kdbWeb: Online23:56
prologickdb2: load broadcast23:57
kdbUnknown Command: 2:23:57
kdb2Loaded plugin: Broadcast23:57
prologicgotta fix that :)23:57
kdb2IRC: Online23:57
kdbIRC: Online23:57
kdbWeb: Online23:57
kdb2Unknown Command: uptime23:57
kdbUptime: 0+0:57:10 (CPU: 3.96s 0.12%)23:57
prologickdb2: load stats23:58
kdbUnknown Command: 2:23:58
kdb2Loaded plugin: Stats23:58
kdbUptime: 0+0:57:28 (CPU: 3.99s 0.12%)23:58
kdb2Uptime: 0+0:0:2 (CPU: 3.05s 112.31%)23:58
kdbUptime: 0+0:57:51 (CPU: 4.02s 0.12%)23:58
kdb2Uptime: 0+0:0:25 (CPU: 3.09s 11.99%)23:58

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