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prologicgot circuits 3 installed?00:09
jpennyand telnet worked fine.00:22
prologicawesomeness :)00:23
jpennyit is latish here, and I am probably not going to look hard for a few days.  thanks for the help.00:23
prologicyour welcome00:29
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kdbHey lhx100:36
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prologicc45y: man these bccvl guys seems to not be enjoying the changes I’m bringing :)02:51
prologicalthough tbh that could just be a subjective view on my part02:51
prologicI’ve already had one colleague yell at me for renaming a reposotiroy that happened to be hard coded into the deployment of rhtie test environment02:51
prologicwho knew02:51
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kdbYo mribeirodantas04:29
mribeirodantashi kdb04:30
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prologicpdurbin: ? :)05:20
prologiceven'n all08:16
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Romsterevening prologic i made two bug reports for spyda08:38
prologicoh awesome08:39
prologicapparently I didn't get the emails to say that you created some new issues08:39
prologicoh well I'll have to fix that08:39
prologicoh no sorry08:41
prologicI did get them :)08:42
prologicjust now08:42
prologicawesome :)08:42
prologicI'll have a look at them as soon as I can :)08:42
prologicthanks for the reports!08:42
Romsterhehe i was thinking you'd get a kdb message in here saying there is new bug reports.08:46
Romsterno problem i can live with the fancy indexing issue it's the other one that is my main concern08:47
Romsterbut parsing the same page 4 times really is also sub-optimal08:47
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kdbHody koobs09:13
koobsso bot'ey :)09:13
prologictypo too :)10:08
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kdbHody ossoleil13:17
Ossoleilis this automatic :>>13:17
Ossoleilanyone every used
FSXI did13:24
OssoleilI knew i asked in the right place13:27
Ossoleildid you bridge it with circuits already?13:27
FSXI haven't really done anything.13:27
FSXIt's not really hard I think. YOu need to poll a Postgres connection and then get results from it.13:29
FSXI'm probably wrong.13:32
FSXOssoleil: How's Circuits doing so far?13:32
OssoleilI haven’t contributed much recently :(13:38
Ossoleilprologic is doing everything13:38
Ossoleilwell the polling is handled by momoko13:38
Ossoleilyou mean you haven’t finished the module?13:38
FSXI didn't do anything for a while. I wasn't happy or motivated.13:39
FSXThat's what I meant.13:39
Ossoleiluhm ok13:39
FSXToo much work from school, but that's over now.13:41
FSXOssoleil: How can I let Circuits poll a connection?13:53
Ossoleilin a normal case you would use the modules13:58
Ossoleilbut if it’s not opened by circuits I don’t think we have an official way of squeezing it in13:59
FSXPsycopg2 opens the connection to Postgres.14:00
FSXI give that connection to Tornado's IO loop and a callback gets called when something changes. Then I read the state and call a callback.14:04
FSXI think that's the most simple explaination.14:05
FSXNot sure if I have time tonight, but I'll look into it if I have.14:15
Ossoleilyou can register a poller manually then use addReader and addWriter14:45
Ossoleilthat’s actually clean already14:46
FSXI saw something like that in net/sockets.py14:54
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kdbYo robert_18:22
Romster yo hellson18:27
FSXGood evening19:33
prologicFSX, Osso yeah you can quite literally a) find a poller in the system, if not register one and b) call addReader/addWrite/discard/removeReader/removeWriter appropriately20:24
prologicThis is how circuits+twisted is implemented20:24
prologicand now circuits+rabbitmq20:24
prologicyou're simply swapping out Tornado's IOLoop for a circuits Component20:25
prologicclass PostgresConnection(BaseComponent, psycopr2.<class>):20:25
prologic   ...20:25
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master e2d0e5b James Mills: Fix some tests for Python compatibility21:17
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kdbHeya circuits_github21:17
ircnotifier27eb6e3a08f2 by prologic: Fix some tests for Python compatibility21:27
prologicmorn’n all22:43
prologicwhat’s going on?22:45
pdurbincooking dinner22:45
pdurbina collaborator made a video about some code I wrote: OJS - Dataverse Plugin Demonstration -
prologicahh cool22:58
pdurbinI sent it to my mom23:03
pdurbinthe video, not the code23:03
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kdbHi kdb_23:21
prologickdb_: ircinfo23:26
kdb_I am kdb_!kdb@a979ee99b25d on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.323:26
kdbUnknown Command: _:23:26
prologicsomeone has spun up a kdb bot :)23:26
prologicand it wasn’t me :)23:26
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pdurbinthe bot are greeting each other now. nice :)23:33
prologicyeah actually if you spin up the Docker image of it23:34
prologicit’s shipped with a default config that lods up all plugins23:34
kdbIRC: Online23:34
kdbWeb: Online23:34
prologickdb_: plugins23:34
kdbUnknown Command: _:23:34
kdb_Plugins: channels core irc help23:34
prologicoh maybe not23:34
prologickdb_: version23:35
kdb_Unknown Command: version23:35
kdbUnknown Command: _:23:35
prologickdb_: load stats23:35
kdbUnknown Command: _:23:35
kdb_Loaded plugin: Stats23:35
prologickdb_: version23:35
kdbUnknown Command: _:23:35
kdb_kdb_ [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.1 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills23:35
kdbUnknown Command: _23:35
prologichmm interesting23:35
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.1 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills23:35
prologicperhaps I need a way to identify if one is a plain pip installed bot vs a docker run bot?23:36
prologicpretty sure the docker image ships with a default config that lods up everything23:36
pdurbinah. docker file:
prologici.e: docker run -d prologic/kdb23:36
prologicat it’s simplest form23:36
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kdbHey osso_23:57
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