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prologicpdurbin, of course you realize it's just an easy thing to spin up and test things with :)00:03
prologice.g: the service offerings are actually quite good ihmo00:03
prologicand they gave me $25 credit to have  aplay00:03
prologicI've been providing them useful feedback ,etc00:03
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kdb_Howdy bleep00:15
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RomsterERROR: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:507: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed05:11
Romsterprologic, ok just found out it hates certificates.05:11
Romsterprologic, i got some progress and a interesting discovery05:43
Romster--max_depth does not behave as i expected05:57
Romsterit's actually like while or for loop maximum count05:58
Romsterwhat i need todo is set an actual depth of number of directories/links deep from the base url i start crawling from.05:59
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kdb_Hey osso06:27
kdbHey osso06:27
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prologicrealzies, re max-depth08:28
prologicRomster, ping08:28
prologicre max-depth08:28
prologicisn't that exactly what it does?08:28
Romstermy vision of max depth is directories deep in the hatchery from the starting crawl08:36
Romstersee the paste test it out the more depth you give the more them version directories are crawed. being that it's 1 directory deep a spider should crawl 1 level of urls/directories in total.08:37
Romsteras it is now max depth is like a while loop only doing a number of iterations over the directories i'm looking at.08:38
Romster i have those that's 1 level deep from http://foo.com08:39
Romsternow if set max depth to 1 it'll only hit a and miss going into b and c08:39
Romsteri level deep is just that one directory or url to another page or site.08:40
Romsterprologic, ^08:40
prologicI think you're gettinc confused with08:48
prologicwhich aren't actually diretories as such08:49
prologicthye represenations of such08:49
prologicand urls and resources and urls that point to other resources08:49
prologicthe way max-depth works in spyda is as you'd expect08:49
prologicyou start from your starting url08:49
prologiceverytime we follow a new url08:49
prologicwe increment the depth by 108:49
prologicbut I think there might be a flaw09:06
prologicsuch that it doesn't keep a track of how far away from the original starting url it's followed09:06
Romstersigh i give up explaining09:41
Romsterwhat i need is to beable to stop at 1 or 2 levels deep not literations09:42
Romstersay there us a url of parse that then follow say{a,b,c,d} each directory on the url or url to another site has a bunch of files in it. to me that is following a tree09:57
Romsterto add to that directories and other html pages as in the path of the url10:14
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FSXtwo bots?19:45
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kdb_Welcome back fsx :)21:10
kdb__Welcome back fsx :)21:10
FSXServer doesn't seem to be stable.21:10
Guest13280FSX, eh?23:40
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