IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-04-23

ircnotifierb4776c89e125 by prologic: Code Cleanup00:26
ircnotifiera6411a364977 by prologic: Added a Dockerfile providing a Base Docker Image for circuits and any circuits Applications that use Docker01:23
ircnotifier01c8502f5bd5 by prologic: Fixed circuits.bench script and entrypoint01:32
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kdb_Welcome back marky1991 :)01:53
kdbHi marky199101:53
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marky1991Woo! I finally got code using circuits.node working properly01:54
prologicawesome :)02:00
prologicnow let's improve the whole experience together :)02:00
marky1991i'd like to. I really think docs are the first thing it needs really02:01
marky1991we'll see.02:02
prologicgood idea02:03
prologiclet's document how it works "right now"02:03
prologicand then break and improve it02:03
prologicI'm open to suggestions too btw02:03
prologicand I feel that breaking circuits.node would not violate our semantic versioning in any way02:03
prologicsince we're not changing the core (circuits.core) API(s)02:04
marky1991At a fundamental level, the design looks pretty good to me so far.02:04
marky1991I'll have more opinins when I've implemented more than mere connection probably02:04
prologicI think there is still a lot of work to be done though02:06
prologice.g: in concurrency control02:06
prologicand perhaps some distributed algos02:07
prologice.g: load balance, round robin, fail over02:07
prologicthat kind of thing02:07
prologicnot sure how far we want to take circuits.node really02:07
prologicideally it should form the basis of any distributed application written atop circuits IHMO02:07
prologicbuilding on the already powerful circuits.core building blocks02:07
prologicOk bbs, have to go see my Professor / PHD Supervisor02:09
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kdb_Welcome back fsx :)08:02
kdbHi fsx08:02
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kdbYo kdb__09:54
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kdb__Hey kingkobra15:17
kdbHi kingkobra15:17
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kdb__Yo pdurbin16:51
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kdbHello grimmtooth23:13
kdb__Hello grimmtooth23:13

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