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kdb__Hi bleep00:16
kdbHey bleep00:16
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prologicafternoon all02:46
prologichi grimmtooth02:46
c45ysup prologic03:10
c45ydid you get in for pyconau?03:11
prologichey c45y03:15
prologicwriting my proposal tonight and aubmitting it03:15
c45yOh I thought final submission was last friday03:16
prologicnah tomorrow03:17
c45yah misplaced a week somewhere03:17
c45yprologic: hows my webdev skills03:18
prologicYou've forgotten I'm not at work again haven't you? :)03:20
c45yOh yea...03:21
c45yreplace ip with research-storage03:21
prologic. what?03:21
prologicI'm at home :)03:21
prologicOutside of the Griffith Network03:21
c45yit's external :P03:21
prologicoh :)03:21
prologicthat's better03:22
c45yI still want a tiny cms to manage it all03:22
prologicyour "webdev" skills are fine03:22
prologicbut OTOH this could ahve been rendered by a Wiki :)03:22
prologicif you want "tiny"03:22
c45ytoo large03:22
prologicor if you want even tinier03:23
c45ytiny tiny and very secure03:23
prologic~100 LoC03:23
c45yand php03:23
prologicnah screw you :)03:23
c45yis aids, I know03:23
prologicI don't know of any teeny weeny PHP ones03:23
c45ybut no point splitting languages at this stage03:23
prologicanything in PHP will be full blown03:23
c45ysadly that appears to be the case03:23
prologicthen don't use a CMS03:23
prologicuse a static site generator03:23
prologicmany such tools03:23
prologicwrite/maintain the content in rst, markdown, wiki03:24
prologicor whatever03:24
prologicand statically render it03:24
prologicit's not like it's going to change much (if at all)03:24
c45yneeds to be maintainable by eresearch peeps03:24
prologicin my experience content hardly does03:24
c45ywho don't have server accts03:24
prologicyeah that's fine03:24
prologicthis is storage right?03:24
prologicsetup a special storage area for the content :)03:24
prologici.e: webdav to the content03:25
c45ysounds gross03:25
prologicdetect when that changes and rerun the static site generation03:25
prologicit's practical03:25
c45ysounds even worse03:25
prologicand secure03:25
c45y'detecting' things03:25
prologicnot at all03:25
prologicthere are many tools for that too03:25
c45yI had considered that option already03:25
prologicplus you also get to decouple that side of things03:25
c45yjust not going to work like I want it to03:25
prologicand rejected it because?03:26
prologicwhy not?03:26
c45ydifferent chrooted php jails03:26
c45yfor one03:26
prologicoh lordy03:26
prologicyou really are being asked to develop with your hands tied behind your back aren't you?03:26
c45ythey are my restrictions03:26
c45ybut important03:26
prologicremind me not to do any work for S3 in termso f writing software systems :)03:26
c45yapache user owns all data03:26
c45yso compromised apache in any part of the system means total data theft03:27
c45yself inflicted security measures03:27
c45yS3 think I'm nuts03:27
c45yno thanks03:30
prologicwhat's wrong with tinymce?03:30
c45ythey don't seem to understand xcf03:31
c45ywhich makes me nervous03:31
prologicI'm adding digest auth support to the circuits.web tool that gets installed when you pip install circuits03:40
prologicso you can choose to serve up stuff with some kind of basic security03:40
c45yI've always just sent a header if I don't find the one I wanted03:40
prologicumm what? :)03:41
prologiccircuits.web fully supports both Basic and Digest Auth03:41
prologicyou don't have to manually code up anything :)03:41
prologicI was just adding a -p/--passwd option to circuits.web (the CLI tool)03:41
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muchlogicHey guest2143604:25
Guest21436what is the difference between shield & screen in cable?04:25
Guest21436hi muchlogic04:25
prologichi muchlogic04:27
prologichi Guest2143604:27
prologicGuest21436, I think you want #electronics :)04:27
Guest21436i tried it (without success)04:28
Guest21436any other suggetion please?04:28
Guest21436can someone google for me?04:28
Guest21436basically i am not english guy hence i read few stuffs online but still not cleafr04:28
Guest21436what is the difference04:28
Guest21436it looks same04:28
Guest21436to me04:28
prologiccan someone google for you?04:28
prologiceven if your English is poor (which it isn't)04:29
prologicno one is going to do your work for you04:29
prologictry #electronics and be patient04:29
prologicotherwise try any Electronic forum(s) e.g: there are a few on Stack Exchange for Q&A04:29
prologicThis channel has nothing to do with Electronics sorry04:30
Guest21436this link contains the majority of information about cable; I found online04:32
Guest21436stackoverflow & irc ; are these the only open networks for general chat?04:33
prologichowever this channel is not for electronics04:34
prologicsorry :)04:34
prologicplease read the topic04:34
Guest21436it seems this channel is for python04:34
prologicindeed it is04:36
prologicand specifically for the circuits Python Framework04:36
Guest21436what is circuit?04:36
Guest21436i thought it is electrical circuit04:37
Guest21436can some channel if exists(about arduino) help me out?04:38
c45yuse /list04:39
c45yor check #freenode or #support for irc support04:39
Guest21436what is circuit here?04:41
c45ycircuits is a python async framework, as per the title04:41
c45ywhich you can view using /title04:42
c45yI LIE04:42
c45yits /topic04:42
c45yI'm bad at brain atm04:42
Guest21436i think /topic is disabled in webchat04:42
prologicdamnit :)04:50
c45ySend header to user with misc content04:51
prologichaving beers with some old colleagues in the city04:51
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prologiceven'n all09:30
bleepSorry, wrong window.09:37
prologichi FSX09:41
prologicso how's about that async postgis component? :)09:41
FSXCouldn't find the time.09:41
FSXI did read some more Circuits docs though. Looked at some code.09:42
FSXMaybe tonight. I think I'll stay home.09:46
prologicanyone around?11:04
prologicspaceone, ping?11:04
prologicpdurbin, ping?11:04
prologicwhat about c45y ?11:05
prologicwriting this pyconau talk proposal11:05
prologicneed some input :)11:05
prologicTitle: Software Component Architectures and circuits?11:12
prologicAbstract: Python Asynchronous Frameworks are plentiful in the Python Community. There is Twisted, gevent, Tornado, asynccore and now with Python 3.4, asyncio. circuits is not yet another Asynchronous Framework (although it does support Async I/O) but a strong well defined Component Architecture for building complex software with changing requirements. If you have ever developed with Zope or Kamaelia you will be familiar with the "Component" co11:12
prologicncept. circuits offers a unique perspective on Component Architectures and offers a novel way to design, implement and deploy complex software.11:12
prologicThis is what I've written so far11:12
FSXSOunds good.11:15
FSXI'm not familiar with Zope or Kamaelia.11:15
c45yprologic, pong11:18
epicmuffinsounds good, only framework is used was twisted and it was too huge for me11:18
epicmuffincircuits is easy to learn imho11:19
prologichey c45y11:20
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muchlogicHowdy osso11:20
prologicthanks epicmuffin11:20
pdurbinprologic: pong11:20
prologicany inputs/feedback so far?11:20
prologichey pdurbin11:20
prologicI hope I don't have to repase for you Osso :)11:21
prologicshould be in the logs by now :)11:21
c45yMuch like my eResearch presentation, just pretend your audience knows nothing11:21
pdurbinprologic: :)11:21
prologicbeautiful :)11:24
prologicJames is a blind father,software engineer and loving husband. James presetly works at Griffith University as a Senior Software Developer on many research projects covering a wide array of disciplines. Known on the web and Open Source communities as prologic (or therealprologic) James has contributed to many Open Source Software Projects over the past decade including Python, Trac, Docker, CRUX and many others. James also competed in the 2006 I11:25
prologicPC World Championships coming in at 19th in the 100m and is an active member of the Queensland Performing Arts Choid (QPAC).11:25
prologic^^^ is what I've come up with about myself :)11:25
prologicwhich if I get accepted will by all over the schedule and handouts :)11:26
c45yWell there isn't any lies in there11:26
c45yI would ignore the blind part11:26
epicmuffinyes i was wondering if james is really blind :)11:26
c45yOh very much so11:26
c45yI've walked past him without him noticing so many times11:27
prologicit's  a part of who I am :)11:27
prologicit's like saying ignore the "wheel chair" part :)11:27
prologicbe kind of hard to ingore :)11:27
c45yI dunno11:27
c45yJust my opinion11:27
prologicI accept that :)11:28
prologicconstructive criticisms please!11:31
c45yyou're short11:32
prologicshort on?11:35
Ossothe order is troubling11:36
prologicsorry what?11:36
prologicAbstract or biography?11:36
prologicIn fact I don't even kow why I'm writing about myself11:36
prologicit's not an Auto Biography :/11:36
prologicdag namit :)11:36
Ossoyou are father first, then a software developer11:36
Ossothen a husband11:37
prologicorder of important :)11:37
prologicwere you expecting order of time?11:37
OssoI was expecting husband before software developer11:37
prologichow bout I just crap that bit?11:38
Ossojust the sotfware developer part11:38
Ossocause you say it in the following sentence anyway11:38
prologicNew biography:11:41
prologicJames is a vision impaired proud husband and father residing in Brisbane, Australia. James presently works at Griffith University as a Senior Software Developer on many research projects covering a wide array of disciplines. Known on the web and Open Source communities as prologic (or therealprologic) James has contributed to many Open Source Software Projects over the past decade including Python, Trac, Docker, CRUX and many others. James als11:41
prologico competed in the 2006 IPC World Championships coming in at 19th in the 100m and is an active member of the Queensland Performing Arts Choid (QPAC).11:41
c45yJames only has one vision, circuits. His other vision failed11:42
prologicyou can't be serious? :P11:43
c45yofc not11:46
Ossoyou can go american style with “vision challenged"11:51
prologicyeah maybe11:55
pdurbinvisually impaired12:09
prologicahh yes12:19
prologicthank you pd :)12:19
pdurbinlegally blind12:23
prologicI think I scraped that in favor of "visually impaired" :)12:28
prologicI shall submit then12:48
prologicif no one has anything else to add :)12:48
prologic@eval 224 / 12.013:44
ircnotifier754ada9f5723 by prologic: Added Digest Auth support to the circuits.web CLI15:01
ircnotifier4a7e547a1f57 by prologic: Added docker development Fabric task to automate the Docker buidl and push task(s)15:04
ircnotifierd3f01e628438 by prologic: Updated Change Log15:10
ircnotifierfb47d6f19602 by prologic: Updated Change Log15:12
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ircnotifiera1c15412afad by prologic: Fixed short options on circuits.web CLI15:32
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 9 new commits to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 8b341e7 James Mills: Oops somehow we broke the build() Fabric task :/15:33
circuits_githubcircuits/master cf8d240 James Mills: Code Cleanup15:33
circuits_githubcircuits/master 5927964 James Mills: Added a Dockerfile providing a Base Docker Image for circuits and any circuits Applications that use Docker15:33
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muchlogicWelcome back circuits_github :)15:33
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muchlogicWelcome back circuits-ci :)16:12
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muchlogicHey robert_19:50
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muchlogicWelcome back osso :)22:15
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circuits-ciStarting build #24 for job circuits » py33,Slave22:38
circuits-ciStarting build #24 for job circuits » py27,Slave22:38
circuits-ciProject circuits » py33,Slave build #24: SUCCESS in 3 min 20 sec:,label=Slave/24/22:39
circuits-ciProject circuits » py27,Slave build #24: SUCCESS in 3 min 31 sec:,label=Slave/24/22:39
circuits-ciStarting build #24 for job circuits » py32,Slave22:42
circuits-ciProject circuits » py32,Slave build #24: SUCCESS in 7 min 13 sec:,label=Slave/24/22:43
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muchlogicHello jpenny23:02
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