IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-04-29

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kdbHey patx02:14
b69904af95c0Hi patx02:14
Romsteryeah some bots here02:23
Romsteroh a freecode dev. patx ages ago there was a sub domain what happened to all them themes?02:24
Romsterbbl work02:59
prologichi patx04:17
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kdbHey realzies04:51
b69904af95c0Hi realzies04:51
realzieshey :D05:04
realziesare you all bots05:04
prologicoh god no :)05:32
prologicthose two are :)05:32
prologichi realzies05:32
prologicthey're just kdb instances05:32
prologica irc bot framework that was developed alongside circuits at the beginning05:33
prologicand recently been ported to circuits 3.005:33
prologicalso has a nice sexy web ui :)05:33
realziesno wonder everyone is so friendly :P05:33
Romsterprologic, is the bigest bot.07:51
Romsterironically people thought i was a bot in other channels07:52
Romsterprologic,  i added "text/html; charset=utf-8" to CONTENT_TYPES, i know hacky but solved my searching on some sites07:53
Romsteri'm assuming the correct way is another loop to look though semi-coma delimited list of options07:54
Romsterotherwise spyda is doing its intended job now07:58
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kdbHey romster10:27
b69904af95c0Hi romster10:27
prologicRomster, I'll fix that soon11:13
prologicit should be parsing the Content_Type from the head request properly11:13
prologicthanks for reporting11:13
Romsteri'd open a bug report but it's nothing major. and there is a bug report for it already but not that specifically11:19
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kdbHello eriknw21:38
b69904af95c0Hey eriknw21:38
prologichi eriknw22:12
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kdbWelcome back osso :)22:26
b69904af95c0Welcome back osso :)22:26
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b69904af95c0Uptime: 2+1:37:4 (CPU: 383.99s 0.21%)22:37
kdbUptime: 3+7:20:14 (CPU: 970.27s 0.34%)22:37
pdurbin@timer 10 good evening22:45
kdbTimer set for 10s22:45
b69904af95c0Timer set for 10s22:45
b69904af95c0good evening22:45
kdbgood evening22:45
eriknwhi prologic22:51
patxRomster, im not familiar with the domain at all actually. that was never a freecode thing23:26

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