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prologiceriknw, what's new?00:56
eriknwprologic, I'm just coming off of a vacation-like couple of weeks, and I'm about to release `cytoolz` into the world01:21
eriknwI just need to write a decent README.rst.  See:
prologiceriknw, ahh yeap01:57
prologicthis is the Cython based version of toolz?01:57
eriknw2-6x speedups are common, with some spectacular exceptions02:00
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b69904af95c0Hi circuits-ci02:06 was previously before the rename02:31 sorry not freshmeat.com02:33
Romsterand awhile before that there was a a index of theme projects. guess they are all gone now to site s like box look02:33
Romsterfound a file i was hunting for by change google had 1 result so it's ok now.02:34
Romsteri looked ages ago could not find it.02:34
prologicI'm sure the internet archive still has the website and all associated resources03:02
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b69904af95c0Hello qwebirc1403703:05
prologicHello qwebirc1403703:06
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b69904af95c0Hi kdb03:11
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qwebirc14037Trying to decide if I should use circuits, or wrap asynico with circuits-like functionality for a new software project I'm starting.  This will be in an embedded environment where pyev (libev) would be much lighter weight - I have not benchmarked circuits vs pyev vs asyncio.  Thoughts?  I also worry about the longevity of this package.  In five years will I be porting it to python4.x while the project lies dead - this is probably03:12
prologicre longevity03:13
prologiccircuits is already 10 years old03:14
prologicso we're not going anywhere03:14
prologicsupport and longevity are our biggest goals03:14
prologicre lightweight03:14
prologicihmo (biased) circuits is more lightweight than anything03:14
prologiccircuits is also pure python03:14
prologicso you're almost guaranteed to work on almost anything that supports Python itself03:14
prologicin terms of wrapping around asyncio03:15
prologicthey're not really compatible03:15
prologicit's like trying to wrap circuits around twisted :)03:15
prologicwe've actually since a year or so ago done it the other way around03:15
prologici.e: we can run/use twisted protocols, libraries on top of circuits and run most twisted apps on top of circuits03:15
prologicand if it wasn't obvious before03:16
prologiccircuits' strength is not it's Async I/O (just happen to be components)03:16
prologicit's it's component architecture03:16
prologicyou could (if you really wanted to)03:16
prologicwrite new poller components that use the pyev library03:16
prologicnot that I really see a big advantage there :)03:16
qwebirc14037funny you should mention that as I added an event, EV_EXCP, to the pyev.IO() wrapper and tweaked libev to give this functionality as well last week.  This adds an event that can be fired on select.poll(POLLPRI) for libev.   Then we thought we'd go with asyncio as it is in the standard libray and we added this to asynico library - add_excp was now one of our file descriptor, but then we took a step back and wondere03:27
prologicasyncio might be in the std. lib03:29
prologicbut only Python 3.4+03:29
prologicIt's by no means widely used or battle tested (yet) :)03:29
qwebirc14037this week we dumped the need for this asyncio tweak and decided to use regular old select.poll - which has the POLLPRI (exception) in it and block in a thread spawned by the executor thing in asyncio.03:30
qwebirc14037now i'd like to ditch asyncio and go with circuits as the component architecture is almost exactly what we've been penciling out on paper (but we would do a similar thing with asyncio timers and it's bag of tricks - futures, etc)03:32
prologicI'm not sure I follow where you're going with all this03:32
prologicnor why you're even worrying about low-level details like async i?o that are well understood by circuits, twisted, asyncio, etc :)03:32
prologicdid you know...03:33
prologiccircuits already has timers, futures, promises03:33
prologicand probably all the core whizband you'll ever need03:33
prologichopefully :)03:33
qwebirc14037yes, yes, I've been reading all about it - super job putting this all together...03:34
qwebirc14037My thoughts about asyncio are just that I could potentially re-create the wheel yet again ;)03:34
prologicno need :)03:35
prologicjust write a component03:35
qwebirc14037I hate re-creating the wheel.  Okay, I'm going to download it, convert some of my code examples over and give it a whirl...thanks, I can't believe how hesitant I'm getting in my old age!03:36
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prologicif you don't like circuits default pollers just write a different one and register it :)03:41
prologicbe sure to either use dev03:42
prologicor from pypi03:42
eriknwprologic, are you around?05:50
prologiceriknw, I am08:01
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b69904af95c0Welcome back ninkotech :)08:49
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b69904af95c0Yo zoo21:38
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prologicmorn’n all21:38
prologicdead SSD :/21:38
c45ythere there21:39
prologicthanks :)21:54
prologicI’m sure that wasn’t sincere though :)21:55
prologicyou and Chris are probably laughing at me as we speak :)21:55
c45ydisk failures happen22:37
c45ywe proactively spare so we rarely have to deal with it22:37
c45ybut its just a fact22:37
prologicc45y: pizza ’n beer today?22:41
prologicand thanks for reminding me22:41
prologichave to purchase a new SSD right now22:41
prologicbefore I forget22:41
c45yumm yea we shall see22:42
c45yI didnt get to eat lunch until close to 3 yesterday22:42
prologicyou have a lunch appointment today22:42
prologicso 11.30am :)22:42
c45yI also have a staff morning tea22:43
c45ymight just eat at my desk and lunch tomorrow22:43
prologicthis one or22:47
prologicI think I’ll go with the first one22:56

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