IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-05-05

prologicmron’n all00:34
prologicnew Desktop SSD hasn’t arrived yet :(00:34
prologicOrdered it too late Thurs night :/00:34
prologicpdurbin: kdb’s greeting plugin is annoying huh :)00:34
prologicpdurbin: I can either:00:34
prologica. Turn it off00:34
prologicb. You (or someone) write a new/better one :)00:34
pdurbinprologic: just run ... it works better :)00:42
prologicyou can’t be serious? :)00:52
pdurbinwell, it remembers people it welcomed already, at least. stores the nicks in a csv file01:03
prologicOh well kdb does that too :)01:06
prologicnot permanately01:06
prologicbut temporarily in memory01:06
prologicthat’s why it swaps between01:06
prologicHi <blah>01:06
prologicand Welcome back <blah>01:06
pdurbinprologic: but some people come and go a lot. should they we welcomed every time?01:11
prologicmaybe not :)01:12
prologicin any case01:12
prologickdb: unload greeting01:12
prologicproblem solved :)01:12
prologickdb: uptime01:12
prologicwhy is it lagged :)01:12
prologicgood lord01:17
prologicseriously it’s lagged as all hell01:17
prologicwhy isn’t it offline yet? :)01:17
prologichmm it’s totally fine01:18
prologicdunno why it isn’t responding on irc01:18
prologic> ircinfo01:19
prologicI am b69904af95c0!kdb@b69904af95c0 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.301:19
prologicb69904af95c0: unload greeting01:20
kdbUnloaded plugin: greeting01:20
prologicb69904af95c0: unload drone01:20
kdbUnloaded plugin: drone01:20
prologicb69904af95c0: nick kdb01:20
prologickdb: ircinfo01:20
prologicb69904af95c0: ircinfo01:20
kdbI am b69904af95c0!kdb@b69904af95c0 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.301:20
prologicb69904af95c0: quit01:20
*** kdb has quit IRC01:20
*** kdb has joined #circuits01:21
prologickdb: uptime01:21
prologicb69904af95c0: uptime01:21
kdbUptime: 7+4:23:10 (CPU: 1397.92s 0.23%)01:21
prologicb69904af95c0: die01:21
*** kdb has quit IRC01:21
*** kdb has joined #circuits01:21
prologickdb: uptime01:21
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:22 (CPU: 0.42s 1.90%)01:21
prologicmuch better01:21
c45yprologic: pretty sure its when the server denies a nick change03:01
Romstercrawl -v --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/download\.sourceforge\.net\/alleg\/allegro\/.*$" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/sourceforge\.net\/projects\/alleg\/files\/allegro\/.*$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.gz/download$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.bz2/download$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.xz/download$" |tee /tmp/allegro.log03:09
Romsterwgetpaste /tmp/allegro.log03:09
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
prologicc45y: you might be right, I’ll have to review the code again and possibly an event log03:10
prologicRomster: hmmm?03:11
Romsterso far it's working as expected03:11
prologicawesome :)03:11
Romstercrawl -v --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/airoscript\.googlecode\.com\/files\/.*$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.gz$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.bz2$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.xz$" |tee /tmp/airoscript-ng.log03:11
prologicNow we just need to make it work faster :)03:11
Romsterbut that has ssl errors03:11
prologicwhat sort of ssl errors?03:12
Romsteryeah speed wise i was thinking of a mime database of all common archive formats as a list to not check the server for.03:12
prologicspyda uses restclient for accessing web resources03:12
prologicI was going (planning to) migrate to requests library instead03:12
prologicRomster: it already only checks text/html and text/xml03:12
prologicthat’s quite sufficient ihmo03:13
Romsteryes but checking for every url is slow.03:14
Romsterwhen we know that some extensions are already an archive03:14
Romsteri must go back to work bbl03:14
prologicyou are talking about something different there altogether03:16
prologici.e: ignoring (and not trying to follow) certainl uri patterns03:16
prologicthing is03:16
prologicyou already blacklist everything anyway03:16
prologicI feel like spyda already has sufficient functionality to ignore *.tar.gz if you wanted to03:16
prologici.e: be more restritive about your whitelist03:16
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