IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-05-06

prologichiya all01:01
prologicdesktop is finally back01:11
prologicgot the new ssd in01:12
prologicinstalled crux 3.101:12
prologicgoing with plain ol compiz fusion01:12
prologicno desktop environment this time01:12
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*** FSX has joined #circuits02:02
AnnoyingBotWelcome back fsx :)02:02
AnnoyingBotUptime: 1+6:50:41 (CPU: 312.33s 0.28%)08:12
prologicvery funny :)08:12
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AnnoyingBotWelcome back ninkotech_ :)08:38
*** Osso has joined #circuits08:56
AnnoyingBotHeya osso08:56
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AnnoyingBotHeya koobs109:54
ninkotech_hey AnnoyingBot, how do you do? i am fine, thank you very much09:55
ninkotech_(read brave new world if you dont get this :)09:56
prologicheya ninkotech_10:52
Guest17783ninkotech_: :D17:58
*** Osso has quit IRC22:56

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