IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-05-10

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Romstercrawl -v --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^ftp\:\/\/ftp\.gnu\.org\/gnu\/aspell\/dict\/es\/aspell6-.*\..tar\..*$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.gz$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.bz2$" --pattern ".*\.tar\.xz$"
Romstererror ftp?08:20
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prologicftp ~= http08:37
prologicspyda cannot crawl ftp without an ftp client built into it08:37
prologicftp != http08:37
Romsterhmm then i need a ftp client built in.09:32
Romsterwhy are they using ftp still that should be a dead protocol.09:33
prologicyou'd think so10:53
prologicproblem too is that crawling ftp is kind of invalid10:53
prologicyou'd have to treats directories and files differently10:54
prologicthere are no links to other resources10:54
prologicnot sure yet how such support would be added10:56
Romsterdunno but if i have to i'll work around it another way and make a wrapper over spyda.14:31
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pdurbinprologic: hey, where did kdb go? I was going to ask you if you have tests for it16:19
pdurbinah, a test suite is on the roadmap, looks like:
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prologicpdurbin, yes21:19
prologicbut no tests at the moment21:19
prologicit was not originally developed in TDD21:19
prologicso if I started creating some we'd be playing catch up21:19
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pdurbinprologic: ok, makes sense21:38
pdurbinwe were talking about testing IRC bots here:
prologicoh and?21:49
prologicwe're still not talking about oh-irc-bot here are we? :)21:51
pdurbinof course we are :)22:24
prologicI guess everyone likes to do their own version of the wheel I guess22:41
prologicin this case yet another irc bot :)22:41
prologichave they considered at least using circuits yet?22:41
prologicto save them a whole lot of shit they don't have to worry about :)22:42
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pdurbinprologic: it's so small you could help us figure out how to write tests for it! :)

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