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prologichey pdurbin00:08
prologicwhat’s new?00:08
pdurbintrying to help answer the question "Can anyone think of a relatively simple python app that has what they'd call a pythonic structure?"00:29
prologicI do not think there is such a thing00:30
prologicapps are complex to say the least00:30
prologicthe only thin gi can think of are CLI apps00:31
prologicAlso what is Pythonic? :)00:31
prologicIsn’t it rather subjective?00:31
pdurbinsure is00:31
prologicThere’s also Idiomatic Python too00:31
prologicBut even that can be subjective too00:32
prologicI think what’s more important is:00:32
prologicCoding Style (standard)00:32
pdurbinmy suggestion was to look at from
prologichaven’t quite read it all but the first examples looked right to me00:33
prologicFor example:00:33
prologicIt’s more Pythonic (if you will) to use iterators vs. loops with counters as you would in C00:33
prologicBut this is more due to Python’s higher level features than anything00:34
prologicC doesn’t have iterators fullstop00:34
pdurbinsure. makes sense00:34
prologicThere’s also:
prologicWiki Web App in 90 LoC00:35
prologicc45y: ping? early lunch? Rossa?01:07
c45yjust got back from lunch sorry01:52
c45ytomorrow maybe01:52
prologicnps :)01:58
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prologicpdurbin: is there any way I could get circuits and openhatch newcomers to be involved in some nice concise way? :)04:10
prologicHi James,04:42
prologicCongratulations, your proposed presentation (25 min) "Software Component Architectures and circuits?" has been accepted into the programme of PyCon Australia 2014!04:42
prologicAt this time we'd like you to confirm your receipt of this acceptance and willingness to present.04:42
prologicPlease advise if you have any particular scheduling constraints that we should know about. We cannot guarantee scheduling on a particular day or time, but we can try.04:42
prologicIf you don't confirm your acceptance by Tuesday 20 May, we will start to worry and may look into scheduling a backup talk in your place.04:42
prologic  Richard Jones04:42
prologic  PyCon Australia 2014 Programme Chair04:42
Zimskyso you're doing a talk at pycon au this year, brilliant05:08
prologicyay :)05:12
Romsterprologic, i can't do regex like \/foo-.*\.tar\.(gz|bz2|xz)$11:14
Romsterit totally ignores all (gz|bz2|xz)11:14
Romstertrying to tighten up whitelists even more.11:15
Romsterthat syntax works with egrep.11:15
Romsterprologic, will it be net streamed or on tv.11:16
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prologicRomster, try with22:05
prologicfrom re import match22:05
prologicm = match(pattern, string)22:06
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