IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-05-14

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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 73fdad5 James Mills: Added firing of disconnect event for WebSocketsDispatcher. Fixes Issue #10314:22
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prologicanyone around?16:22
jpennyPretty sure I'm nobody, but I am here.16:35
prologicrubbish :)16:36
prologicyou're someone! :)16:36
prologicand you're going to try something out for me that I wrote myself :P16:36
prologicplease visit
prologicand start typing :)16:36
prologicawesome :)16:37
prologicstill a few bugs16:38
prologicthis is gonna be cool when I iron out the bugs16:39
prologicand actually implement the algorithms properly16:39
prologicjpenny, ping16:41
prologicnow please paste me what your document looks like :)16:41
prologicsurprisingly for what little parts of the algos I've implemtned16:41
prologicit's keeping in sync fairly well16:41
prologicnice little demo16:47
prologicso I think the document gets out of sync a teeny weeny bit16:48
prologicbut it's really not bad at all16:48
prologicI notice when you type stuff16:48
prologicmy cursor moves out of place16:48
prologicfrom where I had my cursor16:48
jpennyGiven the latency between us, it is better than I would expect.16:48
prologicI'll say :)16:48
prologicgood lil circuits.web :)16:48
jpenny100 mSec is usually considered extreme for many purposes.16:48
prologicvery performant little web app framework :)16:49
jpennyyep, nice baby you have there.16:49
prologicI think I'll commit this as a first cut16:50
prologica working rough prototype16:50
prologicjpenny, alright :)17:20
prologicI solved the first issue17:20
prologiccursor placement17:20
prologicI think that particular issue is a larger problem17:24
jpennyAre you trying for k independent cursors in the same window?17:31
prologicI believe so17:34
prologicwhy should your cursor move unexpectedly when I type :)17:34
prologicjpenny, let's give this a go :)17:43
prologicI believe this was an inadvertent 2nd problem17:43
prologicto do with inconstent line endlings17:43
prologic*I hope* :)17:43
prologichow odd17:50
prologicI can't reproduce what you and I seem to be able to17:50
prologicand I think I know why17:50
prologiclatency :)17:50
prologicso I think that's all I can solve for the time being17:51
prologicwithout implementing the OT algos17:51
prologictaking into account a vector clock17:51
prologicconsistency, intention and casuality17:51
prologicI think when the latency is in the <10ms probably even <100ms17:51
prologicyou just can't type fast enough to make it go out of sync17:52
prologicin fact it's probably got to do with a user's local keyboard repeat delay17:52
prologicminimum on most PC == 250ms17:52
prologicwell g'night17:57
prologicthat was somewhat more successfull that I had anticipatd :)17:57
jpennythat makes sense.18:02
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