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eKKiMif i run this example:
eKKiMi get this error: 'Request' object has no attribute 'stop'02:13
eKKiManything known?02:13
Romsterwhich is a better format to use json or xml-rpc?03:21
Romsterbbl work03:27
prologichi eKKiM03:40
prologicRomster, both are not the same :)03:41
prologicxml-rpc is a rcp protocol using xml for serailization03:41
prologicjson is just json :)03:41
prologiceKKiM, I believe this is becuase you are using circuits 2.1.003:42
prologiceKKiM, upgrade to the dev branch on bitbucket or github03:43
prologiceKKiM, or upgrade to on pypi03:43
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 2ba0b3f James Mills: Code Cleanup03:43
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prologickdb, ircinfo05:26
kdbI am kdb!kdb@b69904af95c0 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.305:26
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kdbHowdy space07:25
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Romsterwell aria2c has both xml-rpc and json interfaces. but as i understand it, rpc is a remote procedure call with xml serialization as you said.08:11
prologicit may very be that they have an XML-RPC interface08:18
prologicand a JSON interface (not RPC)08:18
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master f4e2f1f James Mills: Prevent ohter websocekts sessions from cloding. Fixes Issue #10408:18
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kdbHeya circuits_github08:18
Romsteryour typing is worse than mine on them commit messages.08:19
prologicoh well :)08:21
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kdbHello ninkotech__08:51
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Romsteraria2 provides JSON-RPC over HTTP and XML-RPC over HTTP and they basically have the same functionality.08:57
Romsterboth RPC but different serialization formats.08:58
Romster was not aware of json-rpc09:04
Romsteri'll use json-rpc09:21
RomsterUnfortunately, XML is not well suited to data-interchange, much as a wrench is not well-suited to driving nails. It carries a lot of baggage, and it doesn't match the data model of most programming languages. When most programmers saw XML for the first time, they were shocked at how ugly and inefficient it was. It turns out that that first reaction was the correct one. There is another text notation that has all of the advantages of XML, but is m09:21
Romsteruch better suited to data-interchange. That notation is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).09:21
ninkotech__Romster: xml = bad09:54
ninkotech__Romster: take look at msgpack.org09:55
ninkotech__thats my fav those years09:55
Romsteryeah xml is a ugly syntax.10:24
Romsteri've settled on json10:24
Romsterhmm oh nice.10:25
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kdbHello patx13:46
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kdbHowdy epicmuffin13:48
epicmuffindamn it13:49
epicmuffini greeted a bot :/13:49
prologichi epicmuffin14:04
Romster interesting.15:14
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kdbWelcome back ninkotech__ :)16:52
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kdbHey ninkotech_17:36
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kdbWelcome back ninkotech__ :)18:00
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kdbHi ninkotech18:28
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kdbYo theo_dore20:10
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kdbWelcome back ninkotech :)20:49
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kdbHello john321321:00
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kdbHello romster22:36
prologichowdy all23:24
prologicwow we have a few more users in here today23:24
prologicor we did :)23:24

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