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kdbWelcome back ekkim :)03:42
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kdbWelcome back osso :)10:36
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kdbHello qwebirc6751912:18
AnonCowardanyone alive?12:19
AnonCowardclass Node(JSONController):      channel = "node"      def POST(self, *args, **kwargs):         return "POST({0:s}, {1:s})".format(repr(args), repr(kwargs))12:19
AnonCowardit is not clear from the documentation. How do I read the request body?12:20
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kdbWelcome back osso :)16:05
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kdbWelcome back ekkim :)20:13
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kdbWelcome back osso :)20:15
Guest93265pydoc circuits.web.wrappers20:17
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kdbWelcome back prologic :)20:18
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kdbWelcome back ekkim :)22:23
kdbWelcome back irclogger_ :)22:23
kdbWelcome back romster :)22:23
kdbYo c45y22:23
kdbHello jpenny22:23
kdbHeya koobs22:23
prologicoh I see22:29
prologic how was your weekend?22:41
prologicthat good huh? :)23:46
c45ypretty much23:48

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