IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-05-19

prologicc45y: lunch?01:26
Zimskyblimey, freenode gets more netsplits than rnet01:55
Zimskysmaller network i maintain02:01
prologicelaboarate :)02:01
prologicI used to help run a couple of networks myself back in the day02:02
prologicI also wrote a full set of comphrehensive irc services for a fairly large (it got largeish) network in AU02:02
prologicalso back in the day :)02:02
Zimskywell it's a network I started a few years ago and still run, with ëdk02:02
Zimskyalso irc servers are fun to write02:03
prologicoh haha02:04
prologicyou also wrote the irc server software it uses? :)02:04
Zimskynah, I'm using the last publicly available version of shadowircd from git, before the atheme devs took it down, rather abruptly02:04
Zimskywill probably end up merging the bits of shadowircd we like into a fork of charybdis02:05
Zimskybut I did have a crack at writing a set of pseudobots in the form of an irc server02:05
Zimskycanned that project due to the inefficient nature of the system and lack of planning02:06
Zimskyactually thinking about it now, I could probably use circuits to replace most of the internals02:11
prologictbh circuits would be a good choice02:12
prologicit would solve a number of common problems02:12
prologiclike concurrency, async I/O02:12
prologicsockets, daemons02:12
prologicand protocol handling02:12
Zimskythe primary issue with it was the event system and the module system02:12
prologicplus you’d get a nice reuseable, easily maintainable structure of code02:12
prologici.e: components02:12
ZimskyI got fed up with twisted and did all the networking manually02:12
prologicnot the first I’ve heard that said about Twisted :)02:13
prologicthe only major part you’d hve to do (honestly)02:13
prologicis adapt the current (client only) irc protocl in circuits02:13
prologicto be server capable02:13
Zimskygod I have a lot against twisted, for one it's way too java-like, and it just seems tacky and overdone02:13
Zimskytbh I haven't really had much of a look into circuits past getting it from pypi, and doing some basic stuff in it, and having a quick browse around the internals02:15
prologicit’s all about components and events :)02:15
prologicbeen thinking lately about porting circuits (Python) to circuits (JavaScript)02:18
prologiceverytime I write JS (client code)02:19
prologicI wished I had circuits and it’s components and event handling02:19
prologicand that it were integrated incely into the browser’s internal event system02:19
prologicpossibly based on jQuery itself or such02:19
prologicThis is intresting:
prologiceven'n all07:18
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kdbYo ossoleil09:51
pdurbinprologic: no dependencies, even! so short!10:48
pdurbinah, and your 24 line version10:48
prologicpdurbin, hi11:13
prologiclook the thing is from a technical point of view11:13
prologicthe 19 loc version sucks ass11:13
prologicit's as raw as it gets11:13
prologicyou may as well have written it in C almost11:13
prologicpython's socket is almost just a wrapper around the C libs11:13
pdurbinheh. sure12:32
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kdbWelcome back ekkim :)14:59
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kdbWelcome back theo_dore :)17:04
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kdbHey fsx17:06
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kdbHowdy realzies19:03
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kdbHi robert_19:58
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kdbWelcome back patx :)20:05
prologicmorn’n all22:56
realzieshi bot23:15
prologichey eKKiM, realzies23:28
realziesyou a bot too :P23:32
prologicyeah Im a big ‘ol mean bot :)23:34
prologicexcept I eat, poop fart and drink23:34
prologiclet’s call it biological bot :)23:34
realziesa bot can be made to do all those things23:51
prologicreally? :)23:51
prologicI’d like to see that23:51
prologicI’ve seen some do some amazing things23:51
prologicbut not eat, drink, poop and fart (yet) :)23:51

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