IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-05-20

realziesits easy00:01
realziesyou make a tube00:01
realziesstick food down00:01
realziesother end of tube is the poop00:01
realziesfart = special effect00:01
prologicand a bit of acid to break it down right :)00:03
realziesno need00:06
realziesyou didn't say anything about that00:06
realziesjust use a battery, plug it in00:06
realziesnext your gonna want self-replication ...00:07
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kdbHello 77caakecd01:23
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kdbWelcome back realzies :)01:23
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kdbHey anunnaki01:28
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kdbHeya realz01:30
realziesdiebot :P01:31
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prologicsomeone playing with kdb again? :)02:07
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nobodyisplayingWelcome back fsx :)02:36
prologic@unload gretting02:37
nobodyisplayingPlugin gretting is not loaded!02:37
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prologiceven'n all07:23
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prologiceven'n all08:20
prologicanyone around to help me do some testing of reads?08:20
Zimskywhat are reads08:33
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prologicih hey Zimsky08:47
prologicTry this out :)08:47
prologicstill have issues with some syncing08:49
prologicI'll be solving that next08:49
Zimskywebsocket I presume08:49
prologiccircuits.web backend08:49
prologicwith websockets + jquery on the web app08:50
prologicso far all in under 300 loc both server/client08:50
prologic150 server, 150 client08:50
prologicgotta implement basic OT convergence and consistency now08:50
prologicso concurrent edits are convergent08:51
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prologicwho's up for another round of reads? :)12:19
prologicI think I might have made another improvement12:19
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realzieswat no bot?17:18
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prologicpdurbin: hehe23:50
prologicI just unloaded it’s gretting plugin23:50
prologicdunno where it’s gone ;)23:50
prologicso much for the infrastructure23:50

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