IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-05-22

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prologichi spaceone00:35
prologichow’s it going?00:35
prologichave you finished your studies, etc?00:36
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Romsterprologic, r3egarding spyda did i want to use greedy matching so it would cover the said path depth only?08:38
Romsteror was i meant to use non-greedy.08:38
prologicgreedy i.e: .*12:59
prologicwill match often too much13:00
prologicwhereas non-greedy i.e: .*?13:00
prologicpydoc re13:00
prologicread the re docs on python13:00
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ZimskyI printed the re docs, lol23:09
prologicgood work :)23:56

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