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Guest45930spaceone, awesome00:17
prologicspaceone, awesome :)00:17
prologiccause I need some help with some of those circuits.web issues00:17
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robert_prologic: moo.03:33
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robert_prologic: << can you "see" anything wrong with that?04:33
prologicrobert_, hi06:18
prologicbit abstract06:19
prologicwhat does it do?06:20
prologicor what's not working for you?06:20
robert_just sits there.07:07
robert_prologic: It's supposed to be able to give me a list of registered components.07:28
robert_it just sits there after the clsid_discovery event was broadcast.07:31
prologicif you want to do something like that07:34
prologicjust do:07:34
prologic@handler("registered", channel="*")07:34
prologicdef _on_registered(self, manager, component):07:34
prologic    self._compoents.append(component)07:34
prologicI don't really understand your code tbh :)07:34
prologicseems javaish :/07:34
robert_I'm just looping through (arg_name).__subclasses__() and filtering out "myself", so I don't get into an infinite loop and then registering everything "by hand".07:36
robert_and I'm used to "this" from C++ and pointers, lol07:38
prologicyeah my point is as per above though07:38
prologicif you want to maintain a list of "known registerd components"07:38
prologicjust listen for their registration07:38
robert_oh, you do the weird funky "__subclasses__()" and such for me. :p07:39
prologicnot __subclasses__() no07:40
prologicbut a lot of internal machinery is already built in07:40
prologicbeyond maintaining a list of registered components07:41
prologicI'm not sure what your code was trying to achieve :)07:41
prologicin theory you shouldn't have to hack around or inside circuits much :)07:41
prologicI would have though07:41
robert_because it's your library. :p07:42
robert_so Component has a _components list/array?07:43
robert_so where's handler, anyway?07:44
prologicfrom circuits import handler07:49
prologicthis of course is not event-driven07:51
prologici.e: the system is not in a running state07:51
prologicbut yes an internal list of components is maintained07:51
prologicof components that are registered to the other07:51
robert_Oh, yeah. herp.07:51
prologicI'm not sure why you need to know this level of internals :)07:51
prologicmaybe you can re-explain what you're doing at a higher level? :)07:52
prologicthe kind of "system/app" you're building :)07:52
robert_I'm trying to build something akin to COM/OLE, only for web components; You should be able to load a "component id" and its html would get rendered and "loaded" in-place of whatever templating system you use.08:00
robert_er, in-place in**08:00
prologicyeah ok08:01
prologicso pluggable web components?08:02
prologicsort of the kind of pluggable componetns kdb has?08:02
prologicwee kdb has pluggable componetns that affect it's behavior on irc08:02
prologicas well as jsonrpc, xmlrpc and web08:02
prologice726f3e33ff0, ircinfo08:02
e726f3e33ff0I am e726f3e33ff0!kdb@e726f3e33ff0 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Running version ircd-seven-1.1.308:02
prologicthere it is :)08:02
prologice726f3e33ff0, plugins08:03
e726f3e33ff0Plugins: core stats help web channels drone irc08:03
prologicahh right08:03
prologicwhat else has this sytem got to do that you're designing?08:08
prologicI've been meaning to do some kind of pluggable web-based app/system08:08
prologice.g: rewrite parts of sahriswiki to make it more plugable08:08
prologicso far most web apps I wrote just use circuits.web as a plain 'ol web framework with good scable async I/O08:09
prologicsahriswiki actually uses genshi for templating which basically is an xml streaming templating engine08:09
prologicso components *could* in theory listen to the xml stream and modify it along the way08:09
prologicbut then again any component could listen to say a "render" event08:10
prologicand modfy a template before it's finally rendered08:10
robert_heh, sort of.08:31
robert_uh, I need a way of figuring out which components implement any given interface, given a set of components.08:33
robert_also, author, etc. metadata would be nice08:33
prologicextra metadata you'll have to build on top yourself I think08:42
prologici.e: build/design a plugin architecture08:42
prologiclike I do with kdb08:42
prologicthere plugins are modules08:42
prologicso I store the __author__ and __descirption__ as modules attributes08:42
prologicin tersmf of so-called "interfaces"08:43
prologicthere is
prologicand Component.handles(event)08:43
prologic>>> from import TCPClient08:44
prologic['read_value_changed', 'started', 'registered', 'write', 'stopped', 'connect', 'close', 'prepare_unregister']08:44
prologic>>> TCPClient.handles("read")08:44
prologic>>> TCPClient.handles("write")08:44
robert_Oh, nice.09:18
robert_and the registered handler doesn't seem to do anything09:19
robert_Or not.09:20
robert_oh, wait.09:22
robert_actually, no. the events don't do anything.09:24
robert_I'm trying to make sure events work09:24
robert_but they aren't doing anything.09:24
prologicrobert_, sorry what do you mean?11:03
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